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50 Random Ways To Show Random Acts Of Kindness

Have you performed at least one act of random kindness every day this week?  I hope and pray you have. If you have please write back and share ;-). On Monday, I got up early and played with the kids so Beth could sleep in. On Tuesday, I showered the kiddos because I knew Beth was busy with dinner. On Wednesday I drove an extra hour to pick up some food items because someone had accidentally misplaced them. I don’t list those things to brag, but to show you that performing acts of kindness is not that hard. Plus, the...

Celebrating a few of my AWESOME client RESULTS!

I hope you haven’t forgotten about this weeks challenge. As a reminder this week, I wanted you to set aside about 5 minutes and write a card, note, or a letter to someone with the purpose of encouraging them and making them feel special. I chose my awesome wife Beth if you remember. But I am really lucky, I have lots of clients who deserve to be reminded how awesome they are! They are just killing it in the studio and with their nutritional strategies and I generally don’t like to brag about how hard they work but they desire...

Make some one feel special :-)

I hope and pray you are not dreading the upcoming work week. As you probably know, my wife has joined the workforce and she is loving it. To show her I love her and support her I….I bought her a card and some chocolate :-). I actually even wrote a note with some words of thankfulness and encouragement. Plus, the card I picked out came with a song when you opened it! It was epic and Beth loved it ;-)! That is the story that inspired this weeks challenge. This week, I want you to set aside about 5 minutes and write...

Are YOU up to this CHALLENGE?

This weeks challenge is both scary and awesome! I want you to run or walk a 5K this week! If you normally walk a lot, I want to you to run the whole thing. If you normally don’t walk, then please, don’t kill yourself but get it done. If you are named Dee, don’t participate! ;-) (sorry inside joke) Now, ff you really want to be super I suggest you also sign-up to run a 5K. It is always fun to have something to train for as well as a fixed date that you can’t control. It creates a sense of urgency and...

You CAN Inspire Someone Today!

I won’t lie this challenge is going to be EPIC! It will likely make you a touch uncomfortable but that is ok and actually a good thing ;-). When you go out of your comfort zone, big things happen. Going out of your comfort zone confronts the fear of the unknown, makes it known, and makes it doable. Plus, if you accept the challenge, you will inspire a whole lot of people. Have fun with this! This Challenge is Called, “Tag-a-Friend” [embed]https://youtu.be/iPkCNlzeywo[/embed] This is how it works...