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Winston-Salem, NC

(919) 426-1671

2345 Griffith Rd

Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Our Clients


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Pete's Transformation Story

Luke Coats lost 30 lbs before his wedding!

Laurie started for the nutrition accountability and stayed because of the nutrition accountability

Trint, epic 16 year old loses 35 lbs!

Michael Agee down 40 lbs

Lindsay Jones Loses 20 lbs at Just You Fitness

Mike McDaniel goes from 300 to below 250!

Greg's story about losing 50 plus pounds

Sherry Tibbs lost inches, but more importantly her Tennis game has dramatically improved!

Spencer Powell - "I finally feel athletic and confident again!"

Yvonne Maul, 59 loses 30 lbs at Just You Fitness

Andrew Applegate loses 60+ lbsd

Mandy Loggains Losses 40+ lbs and gets her dream job

Garrett Long lost 30 lbs in 1.5 months

Holly Handy explains how she lost the weight

Rick Jamison started working out because his wife made him but he is stoked she did :-).

Jana's story about losing 125 lbs at Just You Fitness!!!

Felix Nunez, loses 30 lbs in 12 Weeks "You saved me from a DEATH sentence." Super powerful story!!

Caroline Friel Down 40+ lbs!

Megan has lost 20 lbs and her husband lost 30 lbs.

Lisa Villa Loses over 30 lbs and becomes a Super Gramma!

Working with Just You Fitness was the best decision I made. The results I obtained from training, literally saved my life. I look forward to training with Just You Fitness. They push me to my limits, inspire me and made me the person I am today. Working out is now part of my lifestyle and I absolutely love it.

Doug Diehr

Lost 123 Pounds

Since training with Just You Fitness, I have lost 67 pounds! Additionally, I can’t tell you how great the folks here are. Everyone I’ve encountered here has been fantastic and very welcoming! I strongly suggest setting up a free session with one of the trainers and turning your life around! It’s definitely worth it!

Ethan Brewer

Lost 67 Pounds

My trainer has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training and will keep you motivated as much as he possibly can to get you where you want to be. I got in shape and felt 1000% better than I ever had before. If you stick with it and grind it out you will get there. You will meet and exceed your goals with Just You Fitness.


Lost 116 Pounds

My experience with Just You Fitness has been amazing! My trainer showed me that working out doesn’t have to be boring or a painful inconvenience. He showed me all kinds of techniques on how to lose weight! My trainer has changed my life for the better!

John Hughes

Lost 50 Pounds

There are not enough words to describe how much Just You Fitness has changed my life. My trainer was great starting me off on a workout routine and offering diet advice that helped me to go from adjusting my life stye for the better to completely changing it. I don’t know where I would be without Just You Fitness.

Josh Amstutz

Lost 105 Pounds

Training with Just You Fitness was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only did I lose over 60 pounds, I gained self-confidence and I feel great! I couldn’t be any happier with the results. I now have a healthy habits that I intend to have for life.

Damien Massey

Lost 64 Pounds

Feeling Confident and Looking AWESOME!

Caroline Friel

Lost 51.4 lbs

3.5 Months and TONED UP!

Angela Marie

Lost 22.8 lbs

Went From 24% BF to 18% in 12 weeks

Garrett Long

Lost 40.3 lbs

Lost 12.2 lbs and added Muscle


Lost 12.2 lbs

Andrew Lost 61.6 lbs


Lost 61.6 lbs

From 29% body fat to 20.9%. That means Lauren Lost 16.55 lbs of fat and gained 2.95 lbs of muscle! Plus, her waist has shrunk from 35.65 to 31.75!


Lost 17.1 lbs in 3 Months

Jamie Lost 24 lbs in 3 Months


Lost 24 lbs

Lisa Lost 32.2 lbs in 5 Months


Lost 32.2 lbs

Dillon Lost 80 lbs


Lost 80 lbs

Ronald Lost 19.8 lbs in 28 Days


Lost 19.8 lbs in 28 Days

Dee Lost 50 lbs in 12 months


Lost 50 lbs in 12 months

Jana Lost 125 lbs in 24 months


Lost 125 lbs in 24 months

Mandy Lost 80 lbs in 12 months


Lost 80 lbs in 12 months

Brookly Lost 35 lbs in 8 months


Lost 35 lbs in 8 months

Dreama Lost 40 lbs in 4 months


Lost 40 lbs in 4 months

Rosa Lost 50 lbs in 6 months


Lost 50 lbs in 6 months

Lost 30 lbs in 12 Weeks Lost 30 lbs in 12 Weeks


Lost 30 lbs in 12 Weeks

Just You Fitness is a great group. I can now run faster and further than I have been able to in a few years and am excited to continue living the lifestyle that my trainer helped me get into again. Thanks a million, Just You Fitness – you really know what you’re doing and I haven’t felt healthier!

Zach McCormick

I love Just You Fitness! My work with my trainer has been truly transformational inside and out and I look forward to every session. He is extremely knowledgeable, open, and honest about what needs to be done for you to achieve your goals. He is a great motivator and always a text away if I ever have a question or need a little support.

Darcy Arnold

Since training with Just You Fitness, I’m stronger than I ever thought I would be and I can now bench 225 lbs - my goal of all time. I couldn’t have done it without my trainer’s help of pushing me and always being there for me when I didn’t want to go on. Thanks my trainer, you’re the best!

Doug Pierce

I started at Just You Fitness with my trainer because I was stuck working out doing the same thing and not getting any results. I was getting married in a few months and wanted to shed the extra lbs before the big day. I loved how my trainer pushed me to do more than I ever thought and even when I wined and complained he just pushed me more. I looked perfect for my wedding and its because of Just You Fitness.

Sarah Helms

Just You Fitness has been an amazing experience. They work with you one-on-one to provide optimal weight loss/gain and to implement healthy eating habits provide a routine, regimented diet that strips your body of what it doesn’t need and only puts in the goods. Without a doubt, Just You Fitness is the perfect setting to reach any goal in any amount of time!

Storm Smith

Just You Fitness is the place to go for personalized training. My trainer is very knowledgeable and does his very best to ensure that each client gets the most out of their time with him. He pushes you to reach your fitness goals and supports you every step of the way.

Kelly Browser

I feel like I am a million times closer to my championship ring since starting with Just You Fitness and I am going to continue working with them for as long as I possibly can! I love it! It’s a great environment and they push me to my limits and give me the confidence and reassurance to push myself even further. I wouldn’t work with anyone other than them. It’s fantastic. I urge everyone to start working with them not only to lose weight but to gain muscle mass or to just get into shape!

Graham Gould

My trainer at JYF does a fantastic job of making effective workout, and while it’s hard work, it’s also fun. Not only does he provide a simple, yet involving program, he truly cares about his clients and takes the time to know them on a personal as well. JYF workouts are accommodating to almost all schedules and not only am I in my best physical condition since my high school years, I’m also more mentally alert. If you’re looking to get back in shape and have a busy lifestyle, you must go to Just You Fitness.

Edward Mungo

Years ago, when my life was falling apart around me, there was one constant and that was my trainer at JYF. I told him I wanted to get stronger and he said “no problem”. And he was right. Every time I thought I couldn’t do one more rep, he said, “Yes you can.” Every time I thought I couldn’t lift something, he again said, “Yes you can.” When I started to waiver he told me to keep going.

Jayne Holden

Lauren Mallory

1. What made you want to work with me, and what (if any) obstacles made you almost consider not working with me?

I have had a lot of negative interactions with trainers over the years, and I was just leaving a trainer that wasn’t that great, I was skeptical to meet with another male trainer but Kellen is very approachable and is so invested in helping you determine and reach healthy goals for yourself….and he manages to encourage without doing that scolding thing most trainers do when you inevitably have that momentary backslide.

2. What results did you get?

I started out at around 170 lbs (29% body fat) and even before the end of the first program that we selected (BBTT) I am down to 152 lbs (20.9% body fat). So far I have gained 2 lbs of muscle and lost 16.8 lbs of fat).

3. What did you like best?

My favorite part of working out with Kellen was the amazing atmosphere he creates and encourages. All of the terrible horrible Bulgarian split lunges and banded good mornings were made much less terrible by the many DC vs Marvel movie comparisons and the swapping of recommended Sci-Fi TV shows

4. What are three other benefits you got from working with me?

· Kellen kept me accountable on all fronts…. It’s so easy to give 100% in the gym…and 0% outside. Kellen DOES NOT allow this. My eating and overall health has gotten so much better.

· We have worked on more than just ‘losing weight.’ I have some issues from a previous injury and Kellen has planned and adjusted around this in a way that has allowed me to even out the muscle tone.

· I can do so many pull-up now….well 15, with breaks… but hey…I couldn’t do 1 two months ago

5. Why would you recommend me to others?

I cannot speak highly enough of my time with Kellen (a sentiment that my coworkers could all testify to). Showing up to a session with Kellen is like meeting a friend for a workout. I always know that he will be super encouraging and cheerful (despite the early morning sessions) and there is a complete lack of judgement which is refreshing and rare