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Workout out so I don’t die = Powerful Motivation

When I really decided to lose weight my motivation was so that I wouldn’t die.

A couple weeks ago, I talked about why motivation is so important. Motivation is important in regards to your general health and mental sanity, it helps you stay on task. It acts as the fuel to get you from Point A to Point B.

Take me for example, my motivation to lose weight, to go from 308 pounds to a current weight of 220ish was so that I wouldn’t die.  

I saw a TV reporter on ESPN talking about how 60% of lineman in college or the pros who got over 300 lb and didn’t lose the weight within two years ended up dying around the age of 50 because of heart disease…

That scared the crap out of me.

As a result, I made a promise to myself that as soon as I took my last snap on the football field, I was going to start to lose weight.

Long story short, over the course of 2 years I was successful. I went from 308 to 220…And I’ve continued to keep this weight off for over 11 years.  

Truthfully, I’ve never realized it’s been 11 years! That is a crazy concept.

It’s crazy to think about because from the ages of 7 to 11 I was morbidly obese.

Shoot when I was 11 I weighed more than I do now and I was in the second grade. So I have been quote on quote skinny for half of my life now.

It’s amazing, cuz I’ve always identified myself as a quote on quote fat kid. But really…that self-imposed label no longer applies. But I keep identifying myself with it, I guess I need to stop! I need to change myself talk : ).

Just like you!

What is your self-talk say about you?

What is your motivation?

What are you trying to accomplish and more importantly why is it important?

If you have a strong why, if you have a strong reason to get from point A to point B the chances of you being successful dramatically increases.

Death is a pretty powerful motivator.

My motivation not to die was a great motivator, lol : ). What about you?

Think about your kids, or think about your grand-kids.

Do you want to be a father or mother who’s on the sidelines because they’re too tired and don’t have enough energy to participate?

Do you want to the father or mother who never takes their kids to the pool because they feel uncomfortable?

Do you want to be a grandparent who sits in the stands and watches their grand-kids play because you’re too fragile and weak to participate in any physical activity?

Do some soul-searching and figure out what your why is.

As always, go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – I am a skinny kid now : )

PS – Have an epic weekend!