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3 Reasons Why You Fail To Get Fit.

What kind of seed are you? What kind of fitness seed are you? Disclaimer, this awesome little parable is modified from an even awesomer parable from Jesus in the Bible ;-). This is how it goes. One day, a farmer was throwing seeds out into the field and one of the seeds landed on the walking path and the birds saw it and instantly ate it up. Another seed, fell on a rocky place that didn’t have much soil. It sprang up and grew really quickly, but when the sun came out it scorched the plant and it died because it had nothing...

PART 3 – 3 ways to reach your weight loss and fitness potential

So far we have covered the necessity of being humble and anchoring your roots. Today we are looking into the third thing you need to do to reach your weight loss and fitness potential. You need to protect your heart. What I mean when I say, “Protect your heart.” is all too often we allow the opinions of others drive and determine how we feel about ourselves and how we perceive ourselves. That is not cool, because the opinions of others are fickle and is in a constant state of flux. Truth be told, this is something I need to work...

Do you want mercy or justice when you go rogue and fail to follow your fitness and nutrition plan?

Do you want mercy or justice when you go rogue and fail to follow your fitness and nutrition plan? I know I want mercy! The other day I was doing my devotions from BibleInOneYear.org (amazing resource) and I read a story that made me think of going rogue and not wanting to suffer the consequences of my bad eating choices. Here it is: Two people went through school and university together and developed a close friendship. Life went on and they went their separate ways and lost contact. One went on to become a judge, while the other’s life spiralled down and he...

Are People Stopping You From Reaching Your Weight Loss and Fitness Goals?

Yesterday we talked about fear and how it can hold you back from even starting on your weight loss journey. Today, I would like to talk about the, “fear of man” and how it can really slow down your weight loss and fitness progress. I imagine some of you know what I mean when I say “fear of man,” but fear of man refers to allowing others to influence and determine what you do or say, against what you want or know to be right...

Does Fear Control Your Fitness Journey?

Why are you afraid? First off, before we dive into the topic of fear. I would like to say that fear is a God given emotion. In certain situations, fear is a natural emotion. If my kids didn’t fear heights, there would be lots of broken bones, lol. However, so often we let fear hold us back in a way it was not designed to do. I see this expressed in the, “Fear of failure” syndrome that holds many people back in regards to their fitness journey. All to often, people know what they should do, eat right and exercise. A lot...

Could be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Well it's the fall, and that means cool breezes, lots of holiday preparation and celebrations, and depending on where you are, snow. This time of the year should be super awesome and exciting. However, for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) it can be a time where they struggle with depression and feelings of sadness. Instead of feeling joy and anticipation, they feel this sense of dread and sluggishness and often fear and/or dread being put in social settings (like at party). When SAD sets in, suffers report slowing “fall” into a depressive state. I'm not talking about the...

You are shaped physically and mentally by what you consistently do.

The other day Axel took me on an “Adventure Walk” behind our house. As we were trespassing (Ironic I know) we ran into an old sign that was partly “consumed”  by the tree it was nailed to. I attached the picture so you can check it out. How long do you think it took for that sign to get consumed by the tree? 10 - 20 years? I have no idea, but I do know it did not happen overnight. It took a really long time.It took consistent work and effort. To often I see people quit just about the same...