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It has been one of THOSE days….:-(

Ok, so I won’t go into details…but things could have gone better today lol. I am sure you can relate. We all have struggles and frustrations in our life from time to time. But that is life, if things were always easy, we wouldn’t appreciate the work and drive it takes to be successful.

It reminds me of everything we have been learning from Abraham’s life. Think about it:

  1. He is asked to move away from his family and live as a stranger in a foreign land. I have done this twice (Brazil and South Korea), it is no cake walk.
  2. He is promised to be the father of a great nation and a blessing to all nations…but for most of his life he has no children and his wife is barren. Abraham even talks about once he dies everything he has will go to his head servant. Doesn’t sound that great does it?
  3. Once he lives in the new land there’s a famine and he has got to flee to Egypt. Once in Egypt, he lies and gets kicked out (deserved I guess, but would still stink).
  4. He and his nephew’s workers are fighting so they have to split up. Now Abraham really is along without family…
  5. I could go on…BUT spoiler alert, miraculously it works out.

The point is, life is hard and can be difficult. Eating and exercise can be just one area that you struggle with. But we MUST have faith! We must have HOPE! The question is what or where do you place your hope?

Abraham placed all his faith and hope in God and in God’s promises and according to the Bible, that was a great decision. Abraham ended up being the Father of all of Israel I great and mighty people that exist to this day! Think about that! How many nations have lived that long? Shoot the Roman empire was way after Abraham and it doesn’t even exist. I am not a historian, but I am pretty sure the answer is very few!

In closing, when things don’t go your way, you need to big deep, have faith, and keep fighting.

Go be awesome!

Kellen Lake – live, learn, get better, repeat ;-)!

PS – Grateful for struggles and learning opportunities.