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The 3 “Benefits” of Taking a 5 Minute COLD SHOWER!!!

I hope you had an awesome Monday and are ready to take on Tuesday!

Recently, I have been noticing a lot of articles talking about the benefits of cold baths and showers…which sounds ABSOLUTELY, lol!

I cringe, just at the thought. I have my showers so hot, it almost eats my flesh away! So the thought of waking up and jumping in an ice cold shower for 5 minutes sounds as attractive as doing 1,000 burpees.

That being said, I did a little research and there are some powerful reasons why taking a cold shower might be a good idea…on paper at least ;-).

First off, Dermatologist Jessica Krant claims that taking cold showers will improve your skin and hair. Personally, I could care less about my skin and hair. My hands are rougher than sandpaper and I am going bald. However, most of my awesome clients are ladies and most of them do care about their skin and hair ;-). Regardless, cold water prevents your hair from losing to many natural oils and makes it look shiny, strong and vibrant! Hip, hip, hurry!

Still not buying? Me neither ;-). Second, don’t care about your hair or skin? What about weight loss? Yep, according to this study I found on NPR (click here) cold showers promote fat loss! That is pretty epic and even a little tempting. There are two kinds of fat, white fat (bad fat) and brown fat (good). Brown fat’s job is to keep you warm and generate heat. Thus, when you run and jump into an ice cold shower your brown fat is activated and it increases your metabolism! Basically, you are tricking your body into thinking you are in danger of dying…which I would argue you are ;-). Thus, it increases your metabolism and you burn more white fat!

Third, it increases your muscles recovery. Ever wonder why athletes take ice baths? Will the mystery is over. After an intense training session, taking an ice cold shower is a simple and effective way to help you muscles heal. This works because it removes lactic acid, the stuff that makes you feel sore and improves your circulation.

Any way, those are just three reasons to take cold showers, ideally they should last 5 minutes. The ball is in your court ;-).

Sidenote, maybe this is why my kids are so lean even though they eat simple carbs all day every day. They even got into the ocean in December and March and had a blast despite their lips turning blue lol…I did not.

Go be awesome!

Kellen Lake – Tempted to try and take a cold shower.

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