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Weight Loss Tips and Advice From a Friend

I am stoked to be back and ready to bless everyone with the gift of physical fitness ;-). While I was gone, I read an awesome post from an old friend named John Pierce. John got up to weigh over 300 lbs and it now battling the bulge. He currently is weighing in at 267 ish lbs. Super awesome right?! Below are are John’s tips for how was able to lose the weight and how he will continue to fight this battle.

On a side note, I do not train John, he and is family moved to the UK and blessed us with “Max” the cat that inspects all your vehicles while you workout lol.  But his tips and experience are great! See below…

Note from a friend ;-)…

Some have asked about my “diet” and how I’ve changed in eating habits. Honestly, I don’t consider myself being on a diet.

Here are changes I’ve made though to aid in my weight loss:

  1. Less bread especially at dinner. No bread then unless we have hamburgers or hot dogs. (Yes I still have them)
  2. Switched to Coke Zero – maybe one a day if any soda at all.
  3. Less sweets and desserts. (I was eating chocolate like crazy when we moved here and constantly buying desserts at the store)
  4. More veggies and fruits.
  5. More protein.
  6. Cut out potato chips/crisps – I hardly ever have them anymore.
  7. No eating after 7pm – most nights few exceptions. (I was eating a late night snack/meal almost every night after 10pm)
  8. More water – still need to increase it a little more.
  9. Less eating out – it’s too expensive here anyway. In the states it was literally everyday especially breakfast and lunch. Heavy load of carbs and calories…no more.

Overall, I still eat well and most days I have three meals. I’m not much of a snacker but I will eat a snack between lunch and dinner if I get really hungry. If I do snack it’s grapes, nuts, cheese (small amount), low fat yogurt, or deli meat.

Aside from the food – get active.

Join a gym – you can afford it if cutting back on eating out. I highly recommend a gym with trainers.

I hope this helps. You truly don’t have to make a big radical change. It’s adjustments here and there. Making smart choices. Substituting certain foods and drinks with lower fat, sugar, and calories. Take it step by step. After about 4-5 weeks it’ll feel more routine and natural.

It’s possible to do it!

Love this message from John! You can do it! Self doubt and fear is your biggest obstacle!

Go be awesome!

Kellen Lake – I love Max, he patrols our yard like a boss lol.

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