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Is Your Workout Program Boring?

Yesterday, we went to Broadway By The Beach, some of you may have noticed if you follow me at all on social media :-).

It was honestly a great time and it was pretty hilarious too. There were so many “shiny” things to pull at our attention.

  • They have an upside down skyscraper, with upside down trees. Axel got super confused, “How can a building could become upside down?” I even got him on video trying to explain how he thought it occurred. In his mind, a tornado had swept by, lifted up this giant building and place it upside down. On a side note, Axel also noted,  it is not safe to enter such residents.
  • There were also numerous cutouts where you could put your head into the cutout and take a picture of you surfing and what not.
  • Kenna, found a store that had all kinds of girly sparkly stuff and she even chose to sing a song in front of everyone after they covered her in glitter.
  • Axel and I found a jerky shop that had kangaroo jerky! No, I didn’t try it. I didn’t see any samples available…thank goodness :-).
  • After that we went to the Harley-Davidson store and I had Axel try on a really cool Harley-Davidson leather vest. It looked epic!

How does all this relate to Losing Weight and Fitness?

It’s pretty simple, in today’s world there’s all kinds of bright and shiny things that distract us and tickle our fancy. In the Fitness World, a lot of these seemingly contradictory things promise better results, quicker results, so on and so forth. But unfortunately, nine times out of ten these new flashing gimmicks simply don’t deliver. They simply distract us from using time-tested reliable ways to lose body fat and gain lean muscle that enhances our curves.

Do not jump from program to program or nutritional system to nutritional system.  Just because you saw something on TV, read something in the magazine, or received a fancy little pop-up on your cell phone or computer. Pick a program and a nutritional strategy and stick with it for at least 12 weeks and try something for at least 12 weeks. That will give you and your body time to adjust to your new habits.

Go be awesome!

Kellen Lake – Glad to be back to the “boring” home ;-).

PS – I am looking forward to working out! The fitness gym at the hotel was trash ;-).