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Superfoods Are Important—But Won’t Magically Erase Fat

I lived in Brazil from the ages of 10 – 17, my parents were missionary and we lived in a town called Chapada. Any way, the other day at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that came up. One of the members then asked me about the “magical” fat loss powers of Acai, which is a native fruit in Brazil.

I won’t lie, it was hard for me not to roll my eyes. The truth is, I get asked quite often about “magical” foods or superfoods.
I largely blame this on supplement companies who are trying to make a quick buck, because there are tons of ads on TV telling you that “superfood X” is a super effective way to blast away years of belly fat.

They claim if you just add “superfood X” you will look like the fitness model in their advertisement. You won’t need to change anything else about your diet or lifestyle.

The truth of the matter is that fitness model eats primarily whole foods, works out consistently, and 90% of the time is on performance enhancing drugs.

So the claim, “superfood X” is the magical secret is simply untrue.

The truth of the matter is that there are superfoods, foods that are packed full of nutrients and vitamins and they are great to eat like Acai. However, they will not in and of themselves “magically” make you lose weight.

But…they can be part of a well thought and planned diet. Which can lead to a better and more consistent weight loss program.
When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off this is what you should focus on in your first 28 days.

First, 80% of your focus should be on the quality of your calories. Basically, eat whole foods and focus on lean protein, fruits and veggies. FYI, all those are superfoods.

Second, 15% of your focus should be on strength training. Which will help keep and tone the muscle you do have so you don’t lose it.

Third, the other 5% of your focus should be on moving more in your day to day life. Instead of sitting, stand, instead of using the elevator, take the stairs, etc.

In short, superfoods are only one piece in the weight loss puzzle.
Go be awesome!

Kellen Lake
Owner of Just You Fitness and Send Me a Trainer