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Kenna’s B-Day Gift Shattered Into a Million Pieces…

For Kenna’s Birthday we got her a Hatchable. Kenna absolutely loves it. For those who don’t know what a Hatchable is, it’s a fury animal that comes in an egg and when you rub it and take care of it for 15-20 minutes it hatches, it literally pops out of an eggshell.

Kenna was super excited about it.

She was rubbing it, it was glowing, shaking, it was even talking, the thing really made you feel like a mother.

However, Kenna then decided to put Hatchable into her dress and rub it because the Hatchable quote-unquote liked that. She said that if she held it in her dress it made the Hatchable “comfy.”

Unbeknownst to her, when you turn it upside down it automatically turns off. So, here we are waiting for this dumb thing to hatch and nothing is happening. Lucky for us, Kenna had the bright idea of putting it on a Lazy Susan and spinning it around in circles. Sign…

Would you put an egg on a Lazy Susan and spin it around in circles? No, and I will add, you shouldn’t do that with a Hatchable either. As you may have guessed, it spin off the Lazy Susan and broke into a thousand pieces. But the good news was…Kenna’s baby was born :-).

What does this little story teach us? Shortcuts are dangerous and generally don’t “workout.” What about you? How many shortcuts have you tried to take on your weight loss journey? How many pills, how many “special” shakes, how much “coolsculpting”, how many spanx will you use, consume, or buy in the hope that this “shortcut” will work?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but “shortcuts” at best are only going to be a short term solution, if they work at all. If you don’t change your habits, it is just a matter of time before your results disappear and shatter into a million pieces just like Kenna’ Hatchable.

In short, log your food making protein a priority, practice resistance training, and perform HIIT (High intensity interval training). Then be patient and grind ;-)!

Ge be awesome!

Kellen Lake – Driving home today 😉

PS – Have any questions? Let me know ;-)!