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3 Reasons People Fail and 1 Simple Solution.

So often people do not live up to their fitness goals for at least one of the following three reasons.

Reasons: Discontentment, Jealousy, and Pride

Discontentment, jealousy, and pride often leads to quitting instead of persevering. When you become discontent, jealous, or prideful you start to “notice” what everyone else is doing.

For example you start to see what others are eating for lunch and dinner and you start to get discontent, jealous, and prideful because of this other person’s “diet” food. You start to think, “If only I could get away with eating _______! Why do they get to eat ______ and be happy and be skinny?”

Couple of things.

One, you can eat “_______”…but you will likely have to eat much less of it then you normally do to hit your goals.

Two, you are assuming they are happy. For all you know, they too are suffering from discontentment, jealousy, and price and are looking at your “diet” food thinking, “I wish I was disciplined! I can’t stick to anything! Why do they get to have all the willpower?”

In both case, the antidote is THANKSGIVING!

In both of the situations, neither person was thankful for the positive things they were doing. Instead, they were dwelling on the negative. Avoid this trap!

A funny example of choosing to dwell on the positive instead of being consumed by this three headed snake comes from a client named Lara.

Lara was super sore from working out and when she got into her car early in the AM her seat was super cold. But, instead of dwelling on how bad it felt, Lara instead thought, “This is like sitting in an ice bath. This ice cold chair is helping my booty recover.” That thought made her laugh, smile, and be happy. That is how you deal with a the three headed snake, lol!

Now go be thankful and awesome!

Kellen Lake – I will start to be thankful for my cold seat ;-).

PS – Have an epic and safe weekend.

PSS – Remember…be THANKFUL!