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The “Magic” Debit Card

Today, I’m going tell you a story about when I was a little kid and how it relates to infomercials, fitness products, Facebook wonder ads, most supplements, and so on and so forth.

When I was little, my parents had this magic card (this sucker really amazed me)! Every once in awhile, when my mom needed money, she would get this magic card and put it into this big box thing via a special slot, push a couple of buttons and…BOOM money would come out.

Pretty awesome right!

I thought life was pretty simple, find a magic card, find a magic box, push some buttons get rewarded with as much money as you needed or wanted. Awesome plan right!?

Unfortunately…as you know this “Debit” card isn’t a magic card (huge disappointment) :-(. It doesn’t just spit out money, you actually have to earn that money. Unbeknownst to me, my parents actually had to work and earn the money to be able to withdraw it from the ATM.

This really wasn’t a magic card that just spit out money, it represented all the hard work and dedication they put towards earning money, saving it, and keeping it stored in a safe location.

So how does this relate to you?

Pretty easy right? So often we see infomercials, commercials, and propaganda in magazines and on the internet where we can get “free money” (aka, results) with, pills, supplements, crazy wraps, “ab machines”, juices, I could go on and on. They all claim the same thing, they will magically solve your weight loss/fat loss problem, and the “best” part is that you won’t have to change a thing….right…

But here’s the thing, those “magic fixes” represent the mythical concept of a magic a debit card. The truth of the matter there is no such thing (however, it would be epic). There isn’t an easy way to just magically take a pill or two or roll your thighs or use the newest latest gimmick and boom you get the results you always dreamed about. You won’t become leaner, you aren’t going to become stronger, you aren’t going to become more energized, or whatever else this “magic debit card promises.

Just like in the story above. You need to act like adults. You need to plan and  work for your results. There aren’t any magic pills to make you acquire the body that you always dreamed about. To get the body you always wanted, you need to be disciplined and develop habits, you need accountability, and you need to work for those results.

Go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – Still Dreaming about a magic Debit Card…

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