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Are You Confident About Your Future?

Yesterday, I listened to a Podcast and it talked about Futurologists. I had no idea that was thing, basically they are people who try and predict the future. Seems like that would be a fun job to me. I imagine they get consulted to help create shows for Star Trek and other sci-fi genre stuff.

One of the more interesting predictions is that some babies born today, will live to the age of 150. On the outset that sounds pretty epic, but it made me think. Do I even want to live that long?

I think it would greatly depend on the quality of my life. If I am still able to be out and about ,I am all for it. But if I am stuck in a chair from years 100 to 150, I want no part in it. That would be the pits.

What is interesting is more and more doctors are prescribing weight training (resistance training) to their elderly clients. Why? Because resistance training (weight lifting) dramatically reduces the risks of falls because it adds muscle, strength, stamina, which helps improve balance and mobility.

As a result weight lifting dramatically improves the elderly quality of life. Imagine not being able to use the stairs to two weeks later no problem. Imagine not being able to use the bathroom by yourself to once again being able to go solo. Seems to simple to be true, but is it is the truth.

Now, what does the future hold for you?

Will you be a coach potato and watch the world pass you by or are you going to do something about it and age with strength and stamina? Are you going to take your great grand kids hiking or are they going to come visit you at the “home?”

The choice is yours, you have the knowledge, now apply it ;-).

Go be awesome!

Kellen Lake – I will workout until the day I die lol.

PS – Would you like a simple workout to follow with the Just You Fitness App? Replay and let me know.