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Having a reason WHY and an immovable DEADLINE is HUGE!

Happy Monday, today we are celebrating Mandy Loggains!

Mandy started her fitness journey 9 weeks ago at a weight of 237. The big motivator for Mandy was she wanted to join the police or sheriff department. To accomplish this goal Mandy knew she had to lose some weight and get fit.

Generally, I like to wait 12 weeks or so before we celebrate a success story, but Mandy is killing it. As of Mandy’s last check-in, she was down to 216.

Yes, this means Mandy was lost over 20 lbs in 9 short weeks.

The best part is, Mandy is fitter and stronger and it is only 150ish days from starting BLT (training to be an officer). Plus, she is fitting into her old clothes again, which makes her feel super proud, see picture below ;-)!

The big take away I want you all to see is this. Having a powerful why and deadline is huge!

Why do you really want to lose weight? To be healthy? To be able to play with your kids? To get a better more fulfilling job? The stronger your why is, the higher your chances of success are.

Likewise, having a deadline that is immovable is also super powerful. Maybe you want to look great for a wedding, beach tripp, photo shoot, etc. I have had clients that used each of those as deadlines.  If you don’t have a deadline, the chances of you “waiting” tell next week to get serious is high. Don’t continuously keep waiting, set a deadline and get after it.

In short, if you want to be successful like Mandy have a strong why and an immovable deadline.

Go be awesome like Mandy!

Kellen Lake – So blessed to meet and train awesome people like Mandy!

PS – Mandy also eats Just 4 You Meals, it makes eating right simple and easy. Go to www.just4youmeals.com to order your healthy meals now.