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Brenda’s funny, not so funny story and tip.

The following is a funny tip from an awesome client named Brenda ;-).

Brenda is a little unique in that she is looking to add some muscle to her frame. Most of my clients are looking to lose weight, but not Brenda she is trying to gain.

BUT…all of my clients are trying to lose fat and increase their muscle mass. Why? Because the more muscle you have the better you feel, perform, and it increases your metabolism. Which means you will burn more fat ;-), cool huh!

Now to Brenda’s story and tip.

The other day, Brenda was blessed with the opportunity to train with me. Brenda sees me once a week for 30 minutes and she also has two other workouts she can do on her own at home.

Brenda is really smart, she planned ahead and decided she would workout with me first…and then go shopping. Sounds like a good idea right?

Well she came to the studio and I blessed Brenda with the gift of physical fitness ;-). FYI, it was her second time I believe, which means I knew what weights she could handle safely and yet challenge her. In short, Brenda killed it and got a great workout, especially her legs…this is foreshadowing ;-).

So, after the epic workout Brenda decides to go shopping, which as you might have guessed was a little more challenging than normal because her legs were tired ;-). However, Brenda was a trooper and powered through.

Then…Brenda got home.

This is when things got real, lol. Brenda lives on the third floor of an apartment complex and there is no elevator. Plus, Brenda had three trips of groceries to make ;-). Which she said, “Was terrible, the stairs seemed like would go on forever.”

Brenda’s advice is the following. Do your grocery shopping before you workout or on a different day, otherwise you will accidently bless yourself with an additional workout.


Do what Brenda did and be extra awesome ;-)!

Go be awesome!

Kellen Lake – So blessed to get to train people with an awesome sense of humor ;-).

PS – Have a question or need some people? Reply or contact me and I will help you out.