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A sad but powerful story about 6 year old Hattie May Wiatt

Today I am going to share with you a pretty powerful story about a little girl who made a huge impact in her community and the world simply because she was willing to share and sacrifice. It is a little sad, but powerful! I found this story while listening to the Bible in One Year App. here is the story:

Hattie May Wiatt, a six-year-old girl, lived near Grace Baptist Church in Philadelphia, USA. The Sunday school was very crowded. Russell H. Conwell, the minister, told her that one day they would have buildings big enough to allow everyone to attend. She said, ‘I hope you will. It is so crowded I am afraid to go there alone.’ He replied, ‘When we get the money we will construct one large enough to get all the children in.’

Two years later, in 1886, Hattie May died. After the funeral Hattie’s mother gave the minister a little bag they had found under their daughter’s pillow containing 57 cents in change that she had saved up. Alongside it was a note in her handwriting: ‘To help build bigger so that more children can go to Sunday school.’

The minister changed all the money into pennies and offered each one for sale. He received $250 – and 54 of the cents were given back. The $250 was itself changed into pennies and sold by the newly formed ‘Wiatt Mite Society’. In this way, her 57 cents kept on multiplying.

Twenty-six years later, in a talk entitled, ‘The history of the 57 cents’, the minister explained the results of her 57-cent donation: a church with a membership of over 5,600 people, a hospital where tens of thousands of people had been treated, 80,000 young people going through university, 2,000 people going out to preach the gospel – all this happened ‘because Hattie May Wiatt invested her 57 cents’.

The theme of multiplication runs throughout the Bible and this story. Never underestimate what you can do if you are willing to share and sacrifice. Right now, I am going to stop writing and share my time with Axel and Kenna by jumping on the trampoline ;-). Who can you help or what can you do?

Go be awesome!

Kellen Lake – It’s good to remember why I want to be strong and healthy…my kids 😉

PS – If you would like to try this free Bible in One Year App click here or go to your app store and search for it. I am so thankful my small group leaders told me about it!