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Two Things David Sinclair, Harvard Medical Professor, Anti-aging expert does that helps him stay lean

Your Caloric Intake is Meaningless…NOT! That is one of the biggest Myths regarding weight loss out there.

Shoot, I have even tried to get clients to lose weight without tracking their calories and macros and it is near impossible. But more on that in a latter post maybe.

Moving on, have you heard of the name David Sinclair?

I first heard about him while I was listening to the Joe Rogan Podcast, which I am addicted too. Disclaimer, there can be a lot cursing so if you are sensitive to that don’t listen. Anyway, David Sinclair is a Professor at Harvard Medical School and is renowned for his groundbreaking research on Anti-Aging.

Why am I talking about him? Two reasons and they both have to do with losing weight and fat.

First, David Sinclair tracks his calories and tries to make sure he is 20% below the number of calories he needs to maintain body weight. Dr. Sinclair does this so he ages slower. His research suggests that if you consume 20% fewer calories than you need you will live longer…maybe up to 30% longer. Crazy right!?

As you may have guessed, eating 20% fewer calories than his body needs has allowed him to lose weight and bodyfat. Now, if you are interested in losing weight, body fat, and possibly slowing down the aging process what do you think you could do?

Hmmm? Maybe track your calories and aim to eat 20% less than your body needs ;-).

Honestly though, 20% is pretty aggressive. I suggest you start out at 10% and go from there.

Second, guess what FREE AP Dr. Sinclair uses to track his macros with? You are correct, MyFitnessPal! Where have you heard about that before ;-)? Think about that, the world leader in Anti-aging uses MyFitnessPal to track his macros. Why don’t you?

If you currently don’t…start. Choose action over inaction.

In summary, your body operates as an energy system that needs calories to run. If it has to many calories it stores that extra fuel as fat. If it doesn’t have enough calories, it uses that saved up fat as fuel. Would you drive your car without a fuel gauge? No! So stop doing that to your body.

Go be awesome!

Kellen Lake – Down to 220.4 as of writing this (but my lightest was 219.8). Yes, that means your weight will go up and down, its normal ;-).

PS – What has made my journey from 237.5 lbs (February 4th) to 220.4 lbs simple and easy has been Just 4 You Meals. I didn’t have to plan, shop, cook, clean, etc. All I had to do was log the food and stay under 1870 calories and consume 187 grams of protein a day. Nothing is stopping you but your own self doubt, go to www.just4youmeals.com to order your delicious and healthy chef prepared food today.