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We Need To Stop Some Traditions!

Did you know that changing your habits and improving your lifestyle is …. Hard?

It is, everyone knows it, yet we keep reading and running around for the newest shiniest supplement, diet, workout, etc the promises the world. The fact of the matter, most diets and even workouts will work…if you follow them…AND..you break up with your old eating habits, traditions, and lifestyle.

The fact is, giving up eating “traditions” and habits is super hard. It would be like if someone walked up to you on the street and told you to give up Christmas and all it’s traditions. That would just be crazy and chances are really high you wouldn’t do it.

This reminds me of a guy in the Bible named Lot. Lot choose to live in an area that was a really bad place Sodom and Gomorrah  (lots of violence). The people Lot lived around knew Lot and they also knew he did not practice their customs and traditions. Lot was different and he stuck out. Lot was like that one guy or girl you know who always orders a salad with the dressing on the side when you go out to eat instead of Nachos or Pizza. You respect him, but you kind of resent him too.

Well things all came to head one day when Lot hosted two travelers in his home. The men of the village came to Lot’s house and demanded the travelers be turned over to them, they intended to harm the travelers. The men of the city claiming it was one of their customs and traditions, like Christmas or Thanksgiving if you will.

Lot tried to reason with them, telling them this was a bad idea and pleaded for them to stop this tradition. The men of the city listen to him, they didn’t care what this foreigner thought or said.

Lucky for Lot, the travelers were angels and they made all the men blind. They then told Lot to get his family and flee the area because the whole area was going to be destroyed. Lot chose to obey and fled.

I tell you that story to illustrate the point that, one, breaking up with traditions is hard, and two, and following sound advice is wise. We as american need to choose to eat better and break the American “tradition” of over eating. Over eating isn’t necessarily evil, but it isn’t a good practice. A little over a ⅓ of Americans are obese and we are passing on this tradition to our children. We need to break this tradition and custom.

Is it easy? No, is it worth it? Yes!

Choose to change your eating habits! You will be glad you did. One of the simplest things you can do is download MyfitnessPal input your data and track your calories. That way you can still enjoy some treats, without overdoing it.

Go be awesome!

Kellen Lake – Some traditions need to be replaced.

PS – Have an epic weekend!