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Different Day Same Cra…..

Do you repeatedly make the same mistakes? Do you have someone to keep you accountable? Do you have a plan to be accountable too?

Remember when I told you the story of Abraham running off to Egypt to avoid the famine and having his wife Sarah lie and tell everyone she was his sister so they wouldn’t kill him to get to her? Do you also remember it didn’t end well?

Well guess what?

Abraham made the exact same mistake again. He was going into a new land and told Sarah, “You need to tell everyone you are my sister so they don’t kill me to get to you.”

And once again, this was a bad idea…

Abraham didn’t follow God’s plan and instead chose to do it his way, plus Abraham didn’t listen or maybe he didn’t even have anyone to keep him accountable to God’s plan. The end result, Abimelech took Sarah to be his wife. God then told Abimelech, “You are as good as dead because Sarah is a married.” Abimelech, pleaded saying he didn’t know, God agrees and says He knows and tells Abimelech to return Sarah to Abraham.

And..that is exactly what Abimelech does. He listens to God’s plan, and he follows God’s plan. The end result, no warm came to him.

So…what about you?

Are like Abraham? Do you know what you need to do but keep doing the same things that are keeping you “fluffy”? Do you need someone to create a simple fitness plan for you to follow and then hold you accountable to it?

If so, I know I guy ;-), I hear he is quite good. Check out some the Google reviews, click here.

Go be awesome!

Kellen Lake – The first step is always the hardest 😉

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