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Did you lose 40 lbs but still look the same…?

Now that we have Cable I was “blessed” with the opportunity to watch a show with my mom that she enjoys. It’s called, “Naked and Afraid.” Don’t freak…keep reading. Basically, they get two people and they try and survive for 21 days in a jungle or other remote area without anything…yes, including clothes. I won’t lie it is pretty interesting. Plus, most of them lose 20 – 40 lbs in those 21 days. CRAZY RIGHT!?

But…here’s the thing, after the 21 days and all that weight loss their bodies look pretty much the same.


Because their body fat percent, I bet, didn’t change much. They likely went from being from 220 lbs and 30% body fat to 180 lbs and 28 – 30% body fat. They were literary starving, eating only bugs. As a result, they lost just as much fat as muscle…not ideal.

Most of us, will never have this “starving” problem…but many make the mistake of becoming skinny fat. You need resistance training to avoid being a “mini” version of yourself and still soft and squishy.

Wouldn’t it be soooo much better to go from 220 and 30% body fat to 195 lbs and 20% body fat?

If you can’t do the math, the ANSWER IS YES!

Trust me, many of clients fill into that trap before. One of my clients lost 40 lbs, awesome right? Actually no, in her own words, “I lost all that weight, but I was still fat and saggy. Plus, I felt really weak.”

Does that sound like success to you?

About a fifth of my clients have had gastric bypass surgery and have lost 40 – 100 lbs. And you know what their number one complaint is? That they aren’t toned, that they are still soft, they feel skinny fat, they feel weak like they lost too much muscle.

And guess what? They are absolutely correct.

The reason is their caloric deficit was super high and they didn’t use their muscles so they literally lost them. A simple fix to prevent this muscle loss would have been resistance training while being in a caloric deficit.

Even if they had just performed resistance training once or twice a week for 30 minutes they would have retained much more muscle and would have looked better, felt stronger, and ultimately been much more happy about their situation.

Go be awesome!

Kellen Lake – I am not naked or afraid…except for heights…I hate heights.

PS – Interested in an online resistance program you can perform on your own at your house or better at your gym? Contact me and I can set it up, programs starting at $25.00 a month.