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Lindsey lost 18 lbs and she lives 4 hours away…

This last weekend we went to the Zoo.

It was epic, all the animals were out and about. It has been so raining for so long I think everyone was ready for some sunshine, especially my kids. The only issue I have with the Zoo is it is an hour away, which makes for a 2 hour round trip. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could just teleport there like in Star Trek?

Likewise, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just teleport to a training session instead of having to drive there? Imagine the time you would save!

With that thought, today I would like to celebrate Lindsey! Lindsey has lost 18 lbs!!! That isn’t even the craziest part…I haven’t trained her in person since the summer! What…?

Lindsey is one of my online clients and she has been killing it!

Why does Lindsey train with me online you might ask?

  1. She lives about 4 hours away.
  2. She is in law school and is super busy.
  3. She wanted a customized program built around her schedule, equipment, and needs.
  4. She wanted accountability with exercise and nutrition.

Nothing I have Lindsey doing is crazy complicated or some super secret movement. The key to Lindsey’s success has been her consistency. I created a program for her to follow via the Just You Fitness App that she could do in her apartment gym. I showed her how to use MyfitnessPal and we set up the macros she was to follow.

Once that was all set up, I merely checked in on Lindsey Monday – Friday to make sure she was putting in the work…and as you might have guessed…90% of the time Lindsey had nailed it. Those 10% of the times she missed a workout or ate to much I would lovenly ask why and we would problem solve our way out of it.

What about you? Do you live to far away to train?  Is your schedule to busy and crammed to schedule a workout? Do you not know what to do or how to do it? Do you need accountability and guidance?

If so, let me create a customized program you can follow via the Just You Fitness App powered by Trainerize, click here to watch a 40 seconds video on how it works. It will give you the freedom to workout anywhere and anytime you choose, starting at $50.00 a month. Reply and ask for free 14 day trail.

Go be awesome Lindsey!

Kellen Lake – Getting kind of “techy.”

PS – 14 day free trial will go away at the end of this week. Reply and try it out for free.