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Are you getting hurt and injured when you workout?

Alrighty, yesterday we talked about the importance of having a workout and nutrition plan. Just like God didn’t mindlessly create the world, you shouldn’t mindlessly workout and haphazardly eat whatever you want and expect amazing results…if any.

Today, we will be talking about two things. Rest and Purpose.

First, I not the smartest guy ever, but if God rested after creating everything from nothing (Gen. 2:3), I bet it is a good idea for you to rest as well. So, often in the fitness world we become consumed with the idea that MORE is better. If 3 sets of 10 reps is good, 10 sets of 10 reps is even better. If doing cardio for 30 minutes is good, running for 4 hours is even better. The problem with that mindset is that you will, one, you will burn out, and two eventually over-train and get hurt.

Trust me, I speak from 25 years of exercising experience and have the injuries to prove it. There was a time in my life from the age of 13 – 28 that I thought if you didn’t workout for at least an hour (normally 2) six days a week, you weren’t committed and wouldn’t get results. I was fighting against my bodies design, against its purpose if you will.  Ironically, I knew the latest research said that was stupid. However, I thought I was the exception to the rule, I was arrogant.

Unfortunately, as result I would get burned out, injured, and frustrated. God rested the 7th day after 6 days of creation. Did He need to? Was he tired? No, He did that to show us that we need to rest and recover from our day to day lives. One of the wisest things I ever did was hire another trainer to create my workout plan for me. I got way leaner, stronger, and was actually happier, plus I spent way less time working out because I wasn’t overdoing it and I was following my trainer’s plan.

Second, when God created us, he created us for purpose, he had a plan. Adam was to work and take of the Garden Eden and not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I feel it is safe to say that if Adam had obey his creator’s or dare I say Trainer’s purpose, design, plan he too would have saved himself and us A LOT of pain and suffering (more on that tomorrow).

Unfortunately, as you know, Adam did not follow the Master Trainer’s plan. Instead, he arrogantly chose to do it HIS way, after all, he was likely a couple days old at this point and he know what was best for him. Right…? No, Adam disregarded his Trainer’s plan and suffered the consequences of his choice.

In summary, don’t over do it! REST! Have a plan, that is designed for you and your fitness goals and FOLLOW IT. If you don’t, it will likely set you back.

Go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – Rest is good, having a plan with rest is even better :-)!

PS – If you are interested in a personalized fitness plan that is customized for Just You, reply and let me know or if you would like some more info visit www.winstonsalem.justyoufitness.com .