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Winston-Salem, NC

(919) 426-1671

2345 Griffith Rd

Winston-Salem, NC 27103



Who Designs Your Training Plan?

I went to my first ever live musical at High Point University it was epic!

Axel and Kenna, my kids were super excited and long story short we had a great time.  

Now, I have a question for you. Would you let your 3 year old do their own makeup? I am guessing your answer is, “No!” First, what 3 year old wears makeup? Second, it would look like a 3 year old did their own make up…it would be a mess!

Kenna is three and she wants to do her own makeup, we have even let her, and yes, she wanted to do her own make up for the musical, we said no.

This leads me to another question. Do you design your own training programs? Do you try and keep yourself accountable? Do you have a training plan to get you from point A to point B?

If that describes you, chances are you may look like a 3 year old did your make up…a hot mess lol.

Not trying to upset you, just trying to honest with you ;-). I even hire a personal trainer to design my training plan and keep me accountable. We all need outside support and encouragement.

So, if you need a pro, hear what Dee Wilson had to say about her experience at Just You Fitness Winston-Salem.

What made you want to work with me, and what (if any) obstacles made you almost consider not working with me?   When I decided 2 years ago that it was time for me to get serious “again” about my fitness I interviewed 4 trainers around the area and ultimately chose you because you took the time to come interview me!  You were looking for commitment before you took me on and I liked that. Your desire to see me become “excellent” was as strong as my desire. I wasn’t just another client willing to pay for personal training.  The obstacle- WAS I READY FOR YOU!!! I knew after the interview I had to be mentally commitment and ready to do this with you. That scared me a little bit. 🙂

What results did you get?  Everything improved-not overnight-it took 2 years and an injury timeout for a few months-but I was able to achieve a fitness level I wasn’t sure I’d ever see again.  Lost 50lbs, 9% bodyfat, went from a size 14 to a 6, am stronger and faster on the tennis court (my competitive sport) and confidence is at an all time high.

What did you like best?   What I LOVE about Kellen is his commitment to his clients and  he means it when he says he’s a PERSONAL TRAINER. Clients are very personal to Kellen.  He doesn’t just put you through a workout and then “see’s you next time”-he stays involved with how you feel-how you’re eating-sleeping-destressing-everything that can affect progress with your program with him.

What are three other benefits you got from working at Just You Fitness WS?   The benefits were 1) got my money’s worth of every second spent with you-time was dedicated to my workout at its fullest  2) I developed a real love of working out again-of pushing myself and having you as the best kind of cheerleader 3) You listened to me and designed my workout around what I wanted to achieve and together we did it!

Why would you recommend Just You Fitness WS to others?  I have trained with the BEST trainers in this area over a 25 yr span and NO ONE IS LIKE KELLEN.  He is the ULTIMATE Personal trainer-Life Coach-Friend.

Is there anything you’d like to add?  If you are sitting on the couch and you are thinking you need to do something… DO SOMETHING and CALL KELLEN LAKE AND JUST YOU FITNESS WS,  It will be JUST YOU-come as you are, unpack your bad habits, frustration, depression, self-consciousness-and let Kellen help you in the privacy of his gym.  What you will achieve is waiting for you and your body, mind and spirit will thank you in ways you only dream of right now.

If you are interested in a complimentary fall trail, risk free, click here or go to www.winstonsalemjustyoufitness.com and apply.


Go be awesome!  

KELLEN LAKE – I never do my own makeup…it would be a mess lol.

PS – See a possible weekend workout below.

Warm-up with 5- 10 minutes of light cardio, then dynamic stretches (leg swings, arm circles, etc.).  After the workout, cool down with light cardio (walking, etc.) to bring down the heart rate, and then stretch.

3 Rounds: In an open space, perform 30 seconds of each:

Jump Rope

Run down / Backpedal back

Carioca (left down, right back)

High Knees (down and back)

High Skips / Bounding

Groucho’s (forward vs backwards)

Low Lateral Shuffles

60 sec rest

Then repeat this circuit 2 to 3 times:

10 Burpees with 10 punches each side at the top.

10 Front kicks into back kick (10/side) keep your balance!

10 Frog jumps

10 Jabs each side

10 Jump Squats (soft landing)

10 Side kicks (10/side)

10 Bear crawls

10 Hooks (10/side)

10 Jump Lunges (10/side)

10 Gorillas  

10 Uppercuts each side

1 min. Plank