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Spilled Coffee On My Chromebook!!!

Do you get frustrated and confused? I do, and I find it extremely annoying! Point in case, the other day I spilled coffee on my Chromebook I thought I reacted quickly enough to save it, but alas I did not

What made this experience even more frustrating is that I then had to use my wife’s Chromebook and it is slow, doesn’t hook up to the internet quickly, it short it is not my Chromebook and it sucks!  I don’t speak its language.

Then I decided to take it to Best Buy, but guess what? They don’t speak my language either, I don’t speak Geek Squad.

So long story short, I bought a new one.

This reminds me of the story of Babel. After the Flood all the people of the world decided to remain in one place and build a tower to the heavens (which was a no, no, they were supposed to spread out and fill the earth). Any way, at that time they all spoke the same language. As a result of everyone being on the same page, they were able to anything their hearts desired, even build a tower to the heavens.

God, seeing that the people would not spread out into all earth decided to change their languages, which caused them to become confused and I am guessing even a little frustrated. But it did force them to spread out and fill the entire earth :-).

This is how it relates to you. Have you ever read a “fitness” article or listened to a trainer talk and then scratched your head, because you had no clue what they were saying. You just wanted a yes or no answer? That is how I felt at Best Buy, sure, if I was into computers I am sure I would have loved the info, but I am not. I just wanted to know if my Chromebook was savable or not. Is it broke or not?  Instead, I got a dissertation and in the end the answer was maybe, but probably not. Huge waste of time.

What about you? Do you have a problem with your weight, your arms, your abs, your butt, and you just want an answer to you problem without all the gym lingo? If that is you, let me know what your question is. I would love to help you out!

Go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – I can speak your language ;-)!

PS – What do you struggle with? What questions do you have? Reply and I will help you out ;-).

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