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“If women lift weights they will get bulky and look like a dude or bodybuilder.”

Listen, I hear this all the time and it just isn’t true.

For one, most women (unless on powerful hormones or are born with extremely odd genetics) do not have enough muscle building hormones in their bodies to build big bulking muscles. A typical male has 10 times the amount of hormones when compared to females. In short, women can’t really build dude muscles unless they are an anomaly.

Second, for women to get “dude” muscle they would have to eat and train perfectly. What I mean by that is eating and training would have to be their live.

99% of the women I have trained and helped are simply not interested living that way. They want to enhance their booty and tighten their tummy and at a single one is big and bulking. I have a couple you have six packs (which really hard), but they are super lean and athletic looking…they do not look like dudes nor are they big and bulking.

Think of it this way, everyone can play basketball, but only a few can play and look like a pro. I would guess those are about the same odds a women has at lifting weights and getting bulking.

So stop using that as an excuse and get your behind into the gym or into my studio ;-). The perfect plan starts with action, take action.

Go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – Shoot I am a dude and I have been trying to get big and bulky man muscle for 25 years lol.

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