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I WAS Terrified!!!

Is the fear of the unknown holding you back? Does the fear of the unknown paralyze you and keep you stuck in a rut?

When I was 8 my parents came to my brother and I told us that we were going to be missionaries in a foreign country (that foreign country ended up being Brazil). My parents were super excited and eager to go…my brother seemed neutral…I HATED the idea and was terrified! I just knew we were going to become martyrs lol. I read a lot of missionary books.

I loved living in Montana around all my cousins and was comfortable. I knew where everything was and what to expect. The last thing I wanted to do was move to a completely foreign land.

That is almost exactly how many of my clients feel about going to a gym. It’s like going on a great Safari, but you hate hunting and are a vegan…it’s terrifying and distasteful!!!

This reminds me of a brave soul named Abraham. Abraham had it great! He lived with his parents, they were fairly well to do. He had all his meals prepared for him, in short he wanted for nothing. Who would want to leave that sweet set-up?

Any way, God came to Abraham and told him to leave his father’s household and travel to land He would show him… And I thought my moving somewhere foreign was scary, at least I knew WHERE I was going. Abraham was just supposed to back up his stuff, leave his mom and dad, and start walking… THAT is scary and would have paralyzed mew

But…Abraham obeyed God and trusted Him. God promised Abraham he would make him into a great nation. As result, Abraham packed up his stuff and left. Abraham knew what he needed to do and took action!

What about you? Are you letting the fear of the unknown hold you back? Be like Abraham and take action! If you can’t make yourself go and you need accountability and a customized plan let me know! I can walk you through the process in a PRIVATE setting. No gawkers or meat heads ;-).  You can ask any questions you may have in a true judgment free zone.

Go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – Be like Abraham, take action…or be like me, get someone to keep you accountable and compel you to take action.

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