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I made a mistake…

The end is almost upon us with all its glory…I mean the weekend, not the end ;-)!

This week has likely been both a blessing and a curse. Lots of time with friends and family and lots of time to eat and drink ;-). It is hard to stick with your workout and nutrition plan during the Holidays when there is constant temptation around you. It is just sooo easy to cave and follow along in the festivities.

For example…confession…I ate a Duck Donut. I was visiting my best friend and there was a huge box full of Duck Donuts. And just like the snake from Adam and Eve, He said, “Have you ever had a Duck Donut? They are the best ever!” And unfortunately, just like Adam and Eve, I caved to pressure and the donuts allure. And yep, you guessed it, a Duck Donut is NOT on my nutrition plan lol. Granted, I did log it into MyfitnessPal so that I don’t go over my calories, but still not ideal. If you remember the three groups from yesterday, I am definitely the former athlete who loves to train…and eat ;-).

That being said, my mistake will cost me a little as I try to get leaner. It reminds me of Noah and the Flood. During Noah’s time we are told that the world was basically a terrible violent place. Everyone was out for themselves and they didn’t care who got hurt. It was so bad that God decided to end it all and destroy the earth. Lucky for us, there was one righteous man named Noah. God decided to save humanity and the earth because this one man (Noah) and chose to have faith in God and follow His guidance. Instead of eating Duck Donuts like everyone else, lol, Noah stuck with God’s plan and as a result he saved the world.

Lucky for us, cheating on a workout or eating something we shouldn’t isn’t going to end the world, but it will slow down your momentum.

Go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – My second confession is that the Duck Donut was glorious ;-)!

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