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Do You Resent Others Weight Loss Success?

My 5 year old son Axel has started a 2 week trail of Tae Kwon Do. I won’t lie it is pretty awesome and funny. I have taken him a couple of times and it makes me smile from ear to ear every time. The little kids are so cute and they all think they are Bruce Lee lol.

Any way, the first time Axel went it was a semi-private session/assessment with only one other new kid. Axel was a little older, bigger, and more confident than the other kid and guess what? He LOVED the experience, it was great. On the car ride home he told me all about it even though I was there the whole time and he even said he hoped there are more friends there next time.

Fast forward to his second session in a normal environment, Axel got his wish. A LOT more kids. They knew all the stances, kicks, and punches. Plus, some of the kids were older and bigger. Axel still had fun, but truth be told he kind of resented not being the “Star.”  Axel resented the success of others and probably wished he was as good as the kid with the black belt.

What Axel went through is what a lot people go through when they start working out and eating right. They walk into the gym and see all these “fitness studs” and get jealous. What these newbies fail to consider is that most of those people have been working out and eating right for a long time. It didn’t happen overnight. In short, they are like Axel, they wish they had a black belt just because they walked through the door ;-).

Unfortunately, it normally doesn’t stop there. Do you have a friend or acquaintance who has started to loss weight because they started working out and watching what they eat? Do you kind or resent their success and deep down hope they fail? I hope not, but most people do. Why? Because someone else’s success makes them feel inferior, makes them feel like a failure. Nobody likes or wants to feel that way.

I want to encourage you to change this mentality. Do you remember Joseph and the coat of many colors in the Bible? Joseph was 1 son of 11. He was Israel’s (formerly known as Jacob) favorite son and as such he gifted Joseph with a beautiful and likely expensive coat. This made his brothers jealous and resent him. To make matters worse Joseph had dreams that foretold of a time when he would rule over his brothers and they would bow down to him. And then Joseph had a “brilliant” idea and decided to tell his brothers about his awesome dreams. How do you think that went over? Yep! Not well.

Any way the point is, don’t harbor resentment or jealousy inside of you. Don’t be like Axel and don’t be like Joseph’s brothers. Choose instead to celebrate when others make positive changes and let their success motivate you. Plus, it would be a great idea to seek their help and advice I am sure they would be glad to help you out ;-)!

Go be awesome!

Kellen Lake – Respect and celebrate others success ;-)!

PS – Today I will celebrate Caleb Woodlief after a ton or hard work he has been selected to go ;-)!!! Plus, this is what we had to say about JYF – “If you’re looking to lose some weight, put on muscle, or become a tougher stronger human being, Just You Fitness is an absolutely amazing way to do it. Coach Lake is training me for Special forces selection, and after one month of his program I’m doing very well in terms of strength, speed, and overall muscle endurance. I knew Lake before I started his program, and I knew it would help me get closer to my goal, but I must say I was super excited and pleasantly surprised to see everything I was struggling with become easier after following his instructions and putting in some hard work. He does an excellent job of focusing on “just you.” I highly recommend J.Y.F.!”