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Do You Ever Need Help?

Do you ever get in over your head and need someone to bale you out?

I know I do at times. My eyes and mind get greedy and I bite off more than I can chew (often times literally lol)!

I remember when I played Football in college as a Left Offensive Tackle. I had to block a D-end named JJ, he was an All-American and I knew I would have my hands full. So what did I do? I buttered up the Left Guard Will Degan and asked him to help me out. It was a great decision too! Because there were a couple times when I went to block JJ and he just disappeared…but Will was there to save my butt and it looked 100% planned. It was awesome!

What about you? Do you have huge fitness goals? Does it seem like you have even huger obstacles? Often times the best way to overcome HUGE obstacles is to ask for help from an expert.

Shoot we even see this in the Old Testament when Lot (Adram’s nephew) gets kidnapped by some warring kings. Poor Lot was just in the wrong place at the right time. Lucky for him, Abram found out about it and gathered together 318 trained (experts) men to hunt the warring kings down, rescue Lot and get their stuff back.

What this means, is often times the only thing holding you back from overcoming your obstacles is YOU asking, seeking, and being willing to invest in getting help! I am sure Lot was very grateful Abram got help from experts, I know I was glad I got help from Will!

Now, go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – I am still grateful Will ;-)!

PS – Reply if you want some help or you can even apply for a free session go to www.winstons.salem.justyoufitness.com