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Celebrate Success!

I am some pretty epic news! Axel broke his first board in Taekwondo the other day ;-). You should have seen him and all the other kids. They were super proud of themselves and they even got to take the broken boards home with them to show everyone.

This made me think, “How often do we celebrate our own success?”

Rarely if at all, which is pretty sad and depressing if you think about it. When we do accomplish something, that was hard or difficult, most of us dismiss it with the thought, “It wasn’t that hard. I should have down it faster. Everyone else can do this too. Jane Doe does this so much better.”

In short, instead of focusing on our success and celebrating. We instead choose to dwell on the negative, which only breeds more negative.

Today, I would like to challenge you to celebrate your successes!

It is ok, to set a goal and then celebrate it when you accomplish it. In fact, it is a great practice to get into. It is normal, natural and something to be encouraged. For example, it would have been sad and disheartening if Axel had broken the board, something he has been working towards and then shrugged his shoulders and instead focused on how long it had taken him to it.

I want you to stop focusing on the negative and I want you to celebrate and dwell on your successes.

For example, I am celebrating the fact that as of writing this I have went from 237.5 lbs to 226.6 lbs in less than a week. Which is surprising even for me lol.

Go be awesome and CELEBRATE!

Kellen Lake – Only 10.6 lbs away from 215 ;-).

PS – I hope you have an epic weekend!