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Winston-Salem, NC

(919) 426-1671

2345 Griffith Rd

Winston-Salem, NC 27103



Black Friday SPECIAL for My followers on FACEBOOK!

Happy Black Friday.

First, thanks for your interest in Just You Fitness as your means to accomplish your fitness goals.

Second, you should all thank Tasmin for gently inquiring about a Black Friday deal ;-). She said,  “Hey Kellen I am actually pretty happy with my weight. Having said that I am willing to continue with the program…I want to tone more and have a tight tummy. Let me know your thoughts. Also any discount will be appreciated lol 🤓😜.”

So, this offer is JUST FOR YOU as one of my follower’s. It’s my way of saying, “THANK YOU!” So, here’s the deal – my most popular membership is $300/month for 8 sessions a month (averages out to 2 sessions a week) when you commit to a 3-month program. However, because you all are awesome I’ve created a VERY SPECIAL PACKAGE JUST FOR YOU!

If you commit to 6 months the regular membership will be lowered to $275.00 month for 8 sessions a month. With this program you’ll get two week for free, which is a savings of $150.00. Plus, if you are going to miss some days due to travel or Holidays, no biggy, with this special you get 8 days to train (averages out to 2 a week) so if you miss a session, you can make it up sometime during that same month (assuming there is an opening that works). Or you just skip it knowing you are getting 2 weeks for free.

If interested in this Special Black Friday Deal just contact me and let me know ;-).

All Packages Include:

  • An informal chat about your goals, expectations and any reservations you may have with your coach, so that you can get the maximum benefit from your trial.
  • An introductory bespoke personal training session with your trainer taking you through a range of effective exercises designed to suit you and your current fitness levels.
  • We’ll give you a personalized and achievable exercise and nutrition plan based on your current fitness levels, setting you off on your new health and fitness journey.
  • In-person Assessment
  • Custom Designed Fitness Plan Based on JUST YOU : )
  • Access to Online Training App
  • Weekly Tips and Encouragement
  • Guides for: Fat-loss, Cookbook, Meal Planning, and Goal Setting.
  • Unlimited customized workouts for you to do anytime (travel, vacation, etc)
  • Phone, Text, and Email Support
  • Nutrition: macros and weekly nutrition review.

This offer goes away by Midnight tonight or to the first 3 who act, so if you are interested Message me and let me know ASAP or go to https://winstonsalemjustyoufitness.com/ and fill out the info, don’t forget to mention this special offer ;-).

Stay Awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – Thank you ;-).

PS – And you should all thank Tasmin ;-).