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10 Reasons you SHOULD NOT SET YOURSELF up for failure by comparing yourself to others!

10 Reasons you SHOULD NOT SET YOURSELF up for failure by comparing yourself to others! Today I am going to be talking about the “Genetic Bell Curve.” When it comes to training and nutrition the better you know yourself, in regards to what works and what doesn’t the better results you will get. However, if you are like 95% of the people out there you will just blindly follow someone else's program template on Instagram or Facebook. And to be honest that drives me nuts.= Most of the time the people that you're following on Instagram are genetically gifted athletes who are...

Memorial Day – Do You Take Your Life For Granted?

Memorial Day: Do You Act Like A Fish? This past week we celebrated Memorial Day. Memorial Day was originally established so that we could honor the people who died in the Civil War. However, as the custom develop into a tradition that became what we know as Memorial Day. The day where we chose to remember all the soldiers who died serving our country. As such, Memorial Day is a great time to sit back and contemplate how much we owe those men and women who sacrificed their lives so that we could enjoy the freedom we now get to celebrate. So...

Who wants to have some fun?

How long has it been since the last time you really had fun? I am lucky, I have fun almost every day because the people I help are AWESOME! That being said, I believe it is super easy to get so ingrained in our daily routines that we totally miss out on having fun. We get so focused on work, the kids, bills, etc that we lose sight of having fun and instead just plug through life and are just “there.” So this weeks challenge is all about INTENTIONALLY HAVING FUN...

12 Week Fitness Model Fat Loss: What The Leanest People In The World Do.

One of the things the leanest people in the world do is they measure/monitor their weight and body fat on a weekly basis. The reason they do that is so they can see how their nutrition and exercise routine is working or not working. With the data that they collect, they can then make adjustments and not get to far behind. The leanest people in the world know if you don't measure what you're doing or how you're progressing it's hard to make educated adjustments to your nutrition and exercise routine. It would be like like building a lego set without the...

Six Ways To Get Rid Of Fat FOREVER!

SYSTEM 2 - What The Leanest People in the WORLD DO! 12 Week Fitness Model Fat Loss System: What the leanest people in the world do. Personal Update: I am following this Fat Loss System: The 12 Week Fitness Model Fat Loss System- What The Leanest People In The World Do! I am a week ahead of you all and currently I have lost 5.2% body fat, went from a weight of 232 to 217.6, I have lost a total of 14.83lbs of fat and have actually gained .43 lbs of lean tissue. You are currently in Phase 2, Week 3 As a...