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Money On Desk The Desk = Accountability

Today I want to two things.

  1. I want to encourage you to keep fighting.
  2. I want to give you an awesome tip from one of my clients, Courtney.

Okay, so both things are inspired by Courtney.

This is going to be a story about being “fierce.” Or at least, that is what Courtney would say : ).

When Courtney first came to me she was about 25 pounds heavier and, as she would describe it, she felt like she lived in chaos. She felt like she couldn’t control what she was eating and what she was doing. She also believed that this was impacting not only her personal life, but her professional life as well.

Traditionally Courtney had always been very organized. Courtney is a Director in a huge health care system and she didn’t get there by accident. She got there by being organized and driven. But for whatever reason, Courtney felt like she was losing her way a little. She was losing her “fierceness.”

Courtney reached out to me, and “blessed” (inside joke if I train you : ) me with the responsibility to help her become Fit and Fabulous. I am glad I was able to keep up.

All Courtney really needed from me was a plan and accountability. All I really had to do was remind her of who she really was (she was fierce!), and why she wanted to change (for her family, employees, and…for herself)!

She wanted her outer appearance to match the way she felt on the inside…you guessed it…FIERCE!

Long story short Courtney was able to lose 25 pounds+

There were times Courtney wanting to stop, but she never did. She kept fighting and pushing! She continually worked and made small gains, in this case our gains were inches and weight loss. Every week we would take measurements.

Some weeks she might gain a couple pounds, other week she would lose some. Yes, she would get frustrated and upset…but over the course of several months she continually lost inches and her weight went down!

Plus, she felt strong and confident. So much that the VP of the company asked what had changed. Others also noticed her new confidence and fierceness. It is safe to say, Courtney no longer feels like she lives in chaos. She feels like she has more control over all areas of her life. As you can see below,

“I have one word to describe my life -CHAOS. Stressful job, four kids, a new home, the extra pounds hanging around after baby number 4. My world was out of control. I finally made the decision to work on the one thing I had control over-me. Kellen’s approach to finding the causes behind the behavior and helping me be strong in mind and body has been a game changer. Following the specialized plan that we worked on together is getting the results I needed. He knows where I’m coming from and where I am trying get to and most importantly he keeps me accountable to myself. Gaining control over diet and exercise is helping me be more organized and present in other areas of my chaotic life. Choosing Just You Fitness is the best decision I’ve made for myself in a long time!”

Here’s the really cool thing.

Courtney is just like you. Courtney just needed to be reminded of who she was…fierce. Also, Courtney took action and found me to help guide her. Together we created a plan. Plus, Courtney developed some pretty awesome tricks/systems to help keep herself accountable.

One tip from Courtney.

One day Courtney really wanted to go get to the vending machine and get a candy and a soda. It was taking everything within her willpower not to go.

So, she got out the money she would need to buy the candy bar and the soda, and put it on the desk.

She then turned to her co-workers and said, “If this money leaves my desk, I want you to ask me what I did with it. I want to go buy a soda and a candy bar, but I want you to keep me accountable to make sure I don’t. If this money leaves my desk I want you to ask me what I did with this money.”


I thought that was a really cool idea to help keep yourself accountable and a fight the temptation in the here and now.

You can experience the same story : )!


Go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – Love being able to remind people they are fierce!

PS – Want help? Just contact me and let me know. https://winstonsalem.justyoufitness.com/offer.html