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Boneless Chicken Wings…Part 2

I wrote this email on 9/8/2017 and I am prophetic : ).

I was training Fred and he was talking about how much more fit he is and how much better he looks. I then reminded him that is because his program has “bones.” Read below, for the inside joke and advice : ).

So the other day I was training with a guy named Fred.

While we were training he asked me if I enjoyed boneless chicken wings. The first thing that popped in my head is I have no interest in a boneless chicken. Why would I want a boneless wing? Do you? That doesn’t even sound natural!

His main argument was that it was just all meat, you didn’t have to “fight” or work around the bones to get to the good parts (I guess he has dainty fingers). And that was when I called him a weiner and told him he had lace on his underwear (Joking…kind of :-).

The fight is what makes the meat worth it. Am I wrong?

Without the work, without the effort it takes to get to the good part, you can’t truly enjoy the results. Or at least as much. Plus, I would add you are depriving yourself of some great life lessons. Life isn’t easy, nor should eating chicken wings : ). I would even go so far as to say that the eating of boneless chicken is making the nation weaker and softer….literally and figuratively…ok, so I am being a touch sarcastic : )

But really, what if you came and all we trained was the easy stuff?

Like, what if all we did was curls and we skipped all the stuff that you didn’t “love?”  What if we never got to the bones? What if we never did split squats (STOP CHEERING, I can hear you!).

Sure you’d enjoy the experience. You would probably even enjoy your time working out, but…without the bones, without the fundamentals you wouldn’t be getting the results you desired. Is it important to enjoy your workouts? Yes! But you can’t throw the bones out of the chicken, nor can you throw the bones (fundamentals) out of a great exercise program. Your exercise program must have good bones to support the “juicing meat”. If it does not, you are going to have weak areas of your body, plus you won’t get that wow factor you are after.

I am even willing to bet you have probably seen this at the gym, the coffee shop, or at restaurant.

Have you ever seen a guy who has this massive chest and arms but then you look at their legs and they’re nonexistent? Or what about the people who jog all the time, and look super fail, weak, and saggy? I doubt you’d want that if you had your choice of which body you would want. I am assuming you would like a nice strong lean athletic look. Sidenote, form follows function. If you want to look like a strong trim athlete you need to train like one. Guess what, they primarily lift weights…AKA, their exercise program hase BONES! Their exercise program is NOT BONELESS : ). In short, you not only need bones in your chicken wings, you must WANT them! The bones are what make the chicken wings great. The bones are what make you look great.

So, as I end this rant. I want to remind you to make sure that your chicken wings have bones in them, do not go boneless, don’t be like Fred. Likewise, do not have a boneless training program that only focuses on your likes and avoids all of your dislikes.


Go be awesome.


PS – If you would like a personalized program that has bones in it, click the link https://winstonsalem.justyoufitness.com/offer.html