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Shape Your Booty From Home Challenge

Simplest Move To Perform at Home Tone and Shape Your Backside

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Hip Bridges. I wish I could say Hip Bridges were my favorite exercise, but the truth be known I’m a dude and most dudes aren’t super interested in toning and shaping their bum. At least for the most part. However, most of the ladies that I train love Hip Bridges because, it’s simple, it’s easy, and it gets relatively good results with consistent practice.

What Hip Bridges Work.

Hip Bridges specifically target your bum e.i your glutes. Generally, while performing Hip Bridge you’ll feel a burning sensation in your back side (aka the posterior chain…sorry it has a lot of names). This is because Hip Bridges are extremely good at activating all the muscles in your posterior chain. Your bum, your hamstring and believe it or not even your core. It’s a true win-win exercise.

Why Hip Bridges Work.

I forget the last name of the guy, but Tony did a study and it showed that if you’ve been sitting for a long time. If you have a job where it requires a lot of sitting and typing, etc and you’re just not very active, your butt muscle actually kind of go to sleep. This means that your bum will sag and droop because those muscles aren’t being activated on a daily basis. So, just by doing Hip Bridges you activate and rejuvenate those muscles. So you are literally waking them up by simply doing Hip Bridges. In this case it is true, if you don’t use, it you will lose it. The good news is you can get it back.

How To Perform A Hip Bridge

How to perform the perfect Hip Bridges pretty simple. Look at the picture in the post, you’ll get the gist of it. I’m going to try to explain it with words, but really the simplest way to do it is to look at the picture and Google it, click here to watch a short video on a hip bridge. If not, try to follow along with these simple instructions LOL.

  1. Lay on your back keeping your back flat, bend your knees and keep your arms at your sides.
  2. Once you’re in position squeeze your butt cheeks and your core and lift the lower half of your body off the floor. You do this by pushing through your heels and lifting your hips up in the air as high as you can. The only thing that should be touching the floor is the back of your shoulders and your heels as well as your arms.
  3. Hold this position for a few seconds and then slowly lower yourself down.

Repeat that as many times as you can go for a given amount of time. I suggest you start with about 30 seconds and work up from there.

The challenge this week is to work on Hip Bridges every stinking day. Start with 30 seconds and gradually build up at five seconds a day until Sunday. If you’re feeling spicy and this first one seems easy, start at 60 seconds and add 5 Seconds to everyday.

So are you in for this challenge? I don’t like Hip Bridges, but I will do them for the betterment of all society let me know if you’re in!

Go be awesome.

KELLEN LAKE – Glutes, bum, backside, what else? So many names

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