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The Food Industry Is Our Drug Dealer…

The Food Industry Is Our Drug Dealer…

All right, if you’re anything like me you read all the stinking labels, you pass on the deserts in the office, you don’t even look at the cookies in the store. Now my excuse is I have an amazing wife who is an absolutely fantastic cook so those items honestly don’t even tempt me. But for most of you reading this, I hope, it’s because you don’t want any hidden sugars or any additives lurking in your cabinet or in your refrigerator. I know I’m right! Right?

Okay, truth be told, probably not. Very few people read what is in their food. And that’s okay. However, there are a few things I’d like to challenge you to think about below.

As I said, the food industry is our drug dealer. Whether we want to admit it or not, the food industry adds “ingredients” to packaged food that makes us want more. They most often add fat, salt, sugar, and additives to preserve it. These items listed above make food taste better. And who doesn’t like that? Everyone likes food to taste better.

The problem is these ingredients, when they’re add to packaged food manipulate our taste buds and make us crave more of said food. Which means that your caloric intake, the amount of food that you’re going to eat grows exponentially. So, even if you’re not a super organic junkie, you’re still going to get bigger and wider and fatter because you’re eating crap.

So if all you really are concerned about is losing weight, you should really try to eliminate the foods that have all this extra stuff in it. Not because you want to be a super granola organic freak. All though it is a really good idea and extremely beneficial. You should want to do it mainly just cuz you want to be thinner, leaner, and in better shape.

With that said, this week I want you to go hunting. I want you to rummage through your refrigerator and in your cabinets and I want you to find the ingredients that are going to cause you to want more packaged food. I’m even going to give you a “Hit List” of items to look for to make sure you can catch them and get rid of them. Here’s the list!

  • Additives like: MSG, autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed protein, sodium caseinate, yeast nutrient, natural flavoring
  • Trans-Fats: hydrogenated oil, partially hydrogenated oil or fractionated oil
  • Artificial Sweeteners: HFCF, aspartame, saccharin, sucralose
  • Preservatives: BHA, BHT

All right, your challenge this week is to hunt those ingredients that are listed above down and remove them. Just doing that will probably save you at least 5 lb over the course of two weeks. Who doesn’t want that?

So are you up to the challenge? If you are, I challenge you to post any items that you find hiding in your refrigerator in your cabinet and post it below.

Regardless, as always, go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE –  Get rid of the extras, to get rid of your extras.

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