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Discover How To Get Into Small Jeans.

Discover How To Get Into Small Jeans.

First a short story, one I’m sure you can relate to. Have you ever been at a social function and there is just a delicious plate of chocolate chip cookies staring you in the face? In my case, if you’re in my office, which happens to be my home. My wife just pulled out a big huge sheet of warm yummy homemade chocolate chip cookies. And if you are like me…you know you shouldn’t have any, because you’re trying to get leaner, you’re trying to fit into those smaller jeans that you have been keeping around since high school. But you really want the warm cookies, and really want isn’t even the right word. You MUST have them to sustain life! Or at least that is the way it feels! And as much as you fight it, you just can’t help yourself. You just keep thinking about those warm delicious chocolate chip cookies. Then once you walk by and smell them the battles is over : (. You smelled them, which means you basically tasted them, and you just have to have one or two…dozen…

The question becomes, why? Why is it so hard not to cave in and resist the chocolate chip cookies? The answer has a lot to do with thinking and the habits we’ve taught ourselves.

How You Have Trained Your Brain and Body.

The author of, The End of Overeating, Doctor David Kessler MD states,  “You are wired to want it {chocolate chip cookies} and resistance is extremely hard.” That’s how he explains the impulse you feel from wanting a chocolate chip cookie that goes way beyond just having a mild interest in the cookie. You want it almost more than you want to find your soulmate.

Dr. David Kessler explains it’s very similar to being addicted to heroin. When you taste and consume foods that are high in sugar, fat, and salt your brain reacts almost like you just took a hit of opioids. These chemicals give you an extremely pleasurable feeling, they also relieve sensations of pain and stress. Kind of makes sense why it’s so hard to stop right? This the primary reason you feel such an intense need to consume them. Your body doesn’t want to lose this “high” and wants more and more. In short, its feel almost impossible to stop.

To make matters worse, there is a chemical called dopamine that makes you want the cookies. When you think about cookies and visualize how they would smell and taste, dopamine reminds your body how it felt to have a “cookie high.” You body wants to repeat that pleasurable experience. In short, dopamine gets you body and brain “primed” to obtain the cookie. Dopamine causes you to focus on that desire and to seek it out with a vengeance.

Once this cycle happens a couple times guess what? It becomes a habit with a powerful trigger. Once a habit it becomes extremely ingrained into our brain and thought processes. You are now “wired” to or addicted to it. Your brain has created a road and the cookie car is in on the fast track.

You’ve probably experienced something like this.  Have you ever had an intense desire to make a run to the store only to get ice cream? Confession I did last weekend! I’m sure you can relate to it : ).

How To Get Into Those Smaller Jeans…By THINKING

The good news is you can change this. You can actually develop new habits and create a new road inside your brain. Even though those chocolate chip cookies have an addiction factor like an opioid, you can overcome them. And by overcoming this addiction you can dramatically shrink your waistline, slim down your legs, and low and behold get into smaller jeans. Which I’m sure everyone will join with me in saying, “Hip, hip, hooray!”

The big secret on how to do this what many fitness gurus call, “Mindset.” You have to want something more than your desires for chocolate chip cookies or pizza or whatever it is. So what do you want more than chocolate chip cookies? What do you want more than pizza? If you’re like many people trying to get into smaller jeans, you want to lose weight you, want to look better, you want to feel better. Maybe you just want to get off your high blood pressure meds.

There is a three-step strategy to overcome your food addiction and get into the smaller jeans.

  1.  Stop.  Stopping isn’t magical, it’s not pretty, but it is simple. You must stop consuming the foods that are impeding you from getting what you really want. Basically, this means you need to stop eating whatever food you’re addicted to, such as chocolate chip cookies, pizza, ice cream, etc. I mention these because they hit pretty close to home. This means when you’re in a social environment and those foods are out on display you are going to struggle. It looks and feels just like an addiction. You will struggle to try to overcome the intense impulses inside of your body and brain. You will likely even get emotionally charged. Kinda of crazy food can do this right? And don’t forget about dopamine. You’ll smell whatever your vice is and you’ll become extremely motivated whatever it is you crave. To stop this cycle you need to think about what you want more and train your body and brain by remind yourself of your true goal and desire. You want to get into a smaller jean size. Unfortunately, all you got going on for you right now is sheer willpower, but will get easier. Peer accountability can also be a valuable tool for some extra accountability when cravings hit.
  2. Celebrate the victory!  Step two is celebrate the victory. You need to acknowledge and celebrate that you have fought a battle and you have been victorious. You have conquered the chocolate chip cookie and you have vanquished the enemy. The point is you need to celebrate your successes and your victories because retrains your brain. When you celebrate your victories it communicate to your brain that you’re changing what makes you feel good. You’re trying to train your brain to become addicted to saying no. The same way you got into this miss is the same way to get out. You want to train your brain to feel pleasure from saying no so that those same strong chemicals learn to fight for you, instead of against you. That’s when the magic starts to happen.
  3. Reward Yourself.  Step three, you must to reward yourself for overcoming and vanquishing your evil nemesis. This helps ingrain the habit of saying no and and positively how your dopamine responds. You’re creating a new map for your brain that says, “Hey, I get more pleasure from saying no,  than I do from consuming pizza, chocolate chip cookies, etc. In short, you’ll become addicted to a healthier lifestyle. Which just so happens to enable you to get it to a smaller jean size, it is a huge win-win!

You can do this, Go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – Ohhh, the power of thought.

PS – If you would like a system and playbook to get back into your jeans from high school apply for a free consult. I would love to help you out : )

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