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Monday Challenge: What New Habit Do You Want To Develop?

Monday Challenge: What New Habit Do You Want To Develop?

OK, so this week has been crazy. This Monday’s challenge is going to rest on you shoulders…but I have some advise and tips.

If we were honest, we would all admit that we need to develop some personal habits (discipline) to improve our lives.

I can think of at least 3 clients of mine who need to focus on going to bed earlier. I think all of us could get better at eating a healthier breakfast. Shoot, I don’t know, maybe some of you would like to stop biting your nails.

The point is, each and everyone of us have something we could improve upon.

This week, I would like you to spend some time and really think about what YOU want to develop this week and then take action and do it.

Here’s how to be awesome. (for even more ideas click here)

Step 1: determine your WHAT for the week: Getting 7 hours of sleep a night.

Step 2: determine WHY this is important to you: I lack energy and then drink too much caffeine (kind of sounds like me…)

Step 3: determine how to MEASURE success: I’m going to go to bed by 10:15 PM everyday this week.

Step 4: determine how to TRACK success: I will track it in my Best Self Journal and set an alarm.

Step 5: determine your REWARD: I will feel awesome, and I will get more work done : ). Ok, so my reward may be crappy but it is necessary right now.

If you give this your all, you will kill it this week!

Regardless of what you chose to develop, veggies, sleep, more family time, or clearing out emails (my wife…lets see if she catches this).

So, once you know what you want to develop, share it with us. Comment below!


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