Said no one ever : ).

Okay, so maybe one or two people might have said it.  I remember  when I met the love of my life Beth, in South Korea. In the course of about six or seven months we were engaged and planning a wedding and by we, I really mean her and her mom.

I never realized how much planning it took to get ready for a wedding. Plus, it didn’t help any that we were literally on the other side of the world in a different time zone, it was like an 8-hour difference, maybe more.

We had to get a venue, we had to make a guest list, we had to make a list of who’s going to attend the wedding ceremony, had to make a list of who’s invited to the reception.

Oh…I forgot to mention the food. What kind of food we are going to have, where we going to get the food from, who was going to transport the food to the Venue. Who is going to make the cake, what kind of cake is it going to be…I think you get the point, I could go on and on.

The point is people plan for weddings.

Very rarely do two people just decide to haphazardly walk into a church and get married. Yes, it happens, but not often.

This last weekend I was at the beach and because I enjoy working out, I was in the fitness center getting my swell on :-).  

I could not believe what I saw. I saw people walking around doing completely random things there was obviously no rhyme or reason why people were doing what they were doing. Granted something is always better than nothing, and a huge Kudox goes to those people that spent some of their vacation working out.  But it was obvious that they didn’t have a plan or program and as a result they wouldn’t get any results…: (. Which stinks, I think they deserve to be rewarded for their effort.

Now, I could bore you and tell you the things that they were doing that made little-to-no sense, but I’ll spare you from it. The point is everyone including yours truly needs a plan and a program. That’s why even I pay someone to create a plan and a program for me. Yes, I hire a trainer to create a program for me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t do the things I don’t like, it keeps me accountable and honest :-). And honestly, if you want lastly results you should do the same.

That’s why I create customized programs for Just You and I keep you accountable to your program. Just like nobody wants a haphazard wedding, no one should really want a haphazard workout program that gets next to 0 results.

Go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – You need a customized workout plan!

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