I screwed up….

Have you ever screwed up before?

I know I have, I know I did, and unfortunately I know I will do it again.

In this case, I had to consult call with the prospective client. We’d really connected on the phone  and I was excited to meet her and help her get from point A to point B.  Her scheduled time to show up was 8:00 a.m.  and at 8:05 am I decided I better call her and make sure everything was all right. I called her and she very great graciously and lovingly said, “You never texted me.” My heart full into the bottom of my stomach…: (

Some Insider information.

The way I normally work, is I get a prospective client’s contact information. I call them and we do a 15 to 20-minute phone conversation. During this conversation I get some general fitness and health information and we schedule their in person assessment. After the call I then text them my address so they can find the studio easily. In this scenario, I had 3 consult calls back to back and I forgot to text this lovely young lady…It was hundred percent completely my fault.

Why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you this because we all screw up and we all make mistakes. Lucky for me, I contacted this young lady and she graciously rescheduled the time when she could come in. In short, she was very gracious and understanding, the consequences of my mistake we’re not dire.  

In the same way, most of the mistakes that we make on a daily basis when it comes to fitness, weight loss and well-being aren’t huge. They only become huge when we let one small mistake become our focal point.

When one little mistake becomes our focal point, when one night out…where you eat too much and drink too much becomes the only thing that consumes your mind, and you end up thinking or saying, “ Screw it! I’m just going to eat and drink all I want see cuz I already messed up.”  That is when a small mistake and the consequences of that mentality hurt you big time.

I want to encourage you to have a short memory.

You’re going to make mistakes. Learn from them, grow from them, and prevent repeating them again. Do not! I repeat do not dwell on them and let them control your thoughts and actions! This is how we have been learning to do things since we were born , it’ll be the same way we learn to do things as we age.

Now go be awesome : ).

KELLEN LAKE – Don’t tell my wife I make mistakes…shhhh : )

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I screwed up….

I screwed up…. Have you ever screwed up before? I know I have, I know I did, and unfortunately I know I will do it again. […]
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