Axel’s “Great” Idea

For the last couple of weeks, Axel (my 4 year old boy) has had this great idea. He thinks that Beth and I should go get a new baby.

And not just any baby, but a baby boy.

And how do we get a new baby boy? And his mind all we need to do is take Kenna to the hospital, because that is where we found her and trade her in for a newer, younger, baby boy.

Simple right?


But the question is, “Why does Axel want to trade in Kenna?”

Now, I’m digging here because my 4 year old isn’t the most articulate person I’ve ever met. And if you ever tried to talk with a 4 year old, they get distracted super easy.

Regardless, I did some investigating journalism and sat down with Axel and asked him, “Why do you want to take Kenna back to the hospital and get a new baby boy?”  

These are kind of the responses that I got. Granted, I’m taking some leeway here and trying to get behind why he said, what he said.


I don’t want someone to keep me accountable!

First, Axel doesn’t like it when Kenna rat’s on him. Apparently, when he does something that he is not supposed to, he would prefer that Kenna NOT go and tell Mommy and Daddy about it.

Plus, if Axel had a baby brother, the brother would do everything with Axel. S they could do “bad” things together and not get caught and suffer from their poor decision.

Axel, doesn’t like the accountability his little, sweet, angelic (that is lie by the way) sis provides.

I am sure some of you can probably relate to having a younger sibling who was all too quick to rat on you when you did something wrong and tell Mommy and Daddy. Unfortunately for Axel, getting a new baby brother isn’t really going to solve this problem. But, there’s no convincing him.  

What about you? Do you need accountability? Do you need a Kenna in your life? Someone to help you make better wiser decisions?

Truthfully…we all do :-).


I don’t want to be reminded of things I can’t or shouldn’t do!

Second, Kenna reminds Axel of all the things he can’t do or shouldn’t do.

For example, maybe Axel wants to get a cookie. Axel knows he is supposed to wait until after lunch when Mommy says, “It’s ok.” But he really wants it…NOW.

So, Axel reaches his little hand up past the counter top and as it nears the cookie and he is just about to grasp it…Kenna burst out, “No, no cookie for Axel! Axel has to wait until after lunch.”

And as you can probably imagine, this greatly frustrates poor little Axel. Sure, he knows he shouldn’t have the cookie, but he wants it.

Do you ever want things you know you’re not supposed to have or do and someone saves you from yourself? Truth be told, Kenna has probably saved Axel from lots of timeouts. However, Axel is blind to her help and does not see it that way.

Do you have a person like Kenna? Sure, that person can be a pain sometimes, but they really only want you to be successful.


Let me be your Kenna?

I get it, you feel the same way Axel does. “I don’t want or need accountability.” But the truth is you know you do. Let me help you. Your fitness journey will be quicker and easier with my assistance.

I get it, you don’t want to be reminded of things you can’t or shouldn’t do. But the truth is you need someone to help you and guide you. Once again, with my help help you will reach goals, quicker, safer with my guidance.

Plus, chances are you have tried numerous times in the past and failed on your own. It’s time to get off the hamster wheel. Let me help you get to where you want to go.

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Now go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – Let me help you, let me be your Kenna 🙂

PS – I am an older sibling so I totally get where Axel is coming from :-).

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