Yep! The stinking drivers exam…!

Have you ever passed something, and then came back and failed it later?

I have, I was reminded by this fact because I had a client tell me her daughter failed her driver’s test.

As some of you know, I lived in Brazil from the age of 10 to 17.

As a result I learned to drive, but was never licensed. When I came to the states I had to go get my driver’s license. I won’t lie, I didn’t know much about driving in the states or about the rules and regulations.

So I acted responsibly and read about the rules and studied, because that only makes sense.

Regardless, I got one of the cheat sheets and I started reading it.  I probably went through it 4 to 5 times. then I went into the DMV and took the written exam, I barely passed it, but I passed it :-).  then I took the driver’s part and I passed it as well. awesome right? Good for me :-).

Fast forward 10 yearsish.

I was newly married, I just returned from living and working in Korea for a year and my wife and I were making our home in good old North Carolina. One of the things that I had to do was go and get a North Carolina driving license. To be honest, I really liked having my driver’s license say I was from Montana. It made me feel special :-), but I had to get an NC one.

So my wife and I went together to get our new drivers license.

The good news was I didn’t have to take a driving test, but the bad news, as it turned out, was I had to take a writing test.

Unlike previously, I did not act responsibly.

I didn’t read the manual 4 to 5 times, actually I didn’t read it at all. I just assumed because I pass it before, I would pass it again.

After all, I was such a more mature driver and I was so much more in it so much more knowledge now right? I could totally do this without preparing or studying right?

And guess what, I failed.

My wife on the other hand, passed. I would love to say that my wife was gracious, kind and didn’t rub it in my face at all, but…that would be a big fat lie!

My wife totally made fun of me and in good fashion told everyone else that I had failed my driver’s exam :-).

So I had to wait 3 days, I read the manual 4 to 5 times and I ended up passing the exam :-).

These are todays two lessons.

  1. As John Wooden would say, not preparing is preparing to fail. If you don’t have a plan, if you don’t have a customized diet and exercise plan customized for just you, chances are you were going to fail.
  2. Accountability is King. I probably would have studied won’t have studied as hard or cared as much about that stupid test if I hadn’t had Beth sitting in the parking lot waiting for me to take my test….for a second time. Because I had accountability, although somewhat negative I might add, I was thinking darn sure I was going to pass it this time. Just like when people come and see me, that built-in accountability with the added support of me being able to check up on them with the Just You Fitness app helps them be successful.


In short, learn from my mistakes. Be repaired and have someone keep you accountable.


Go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – Sad story but true lol : )

PS – Have you ever failed the drivers exam?


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