Tips On How To Prevent Impulse Eating 😉

But first let’s set the mood. You have been running around all day, taking the kids to school, numerous errands, plus you had an exact assignment added on to you at work. Then IT hits you….You are HUNGRY! You are so stinking hungry you are welling to eat anything as long as it is fast and easy!

As you scavenge for food you notice that you have nothing even remotely healthy. So what do you do? You grab a burger, and a small order of fries, cuz everyone knows fries are bad for you :-). Or maybe even you even grab the healthy quote on quote grilled chicken that’s processed and soaked in all kinds of sodium and sugar.

And unfortunately this causes your blood sugar to go up, your energy level is now going to tank here in a little minute, and ultimately this will add to your weight gain ;-(. NOT WHAT YOU ARE AFTER…

Here’s the thing, you are in a tough situation. Truth be told, everyone including myself has been where you’re at. You get this urge to eat and you have to eat right now.

Unfortunately the more you cave to these binges/impulses the more often they occur. The more often they occur, the less fit you become, the more unhappy you become, the more unhealthy you become and the bigger and fatter you become. Sounds terrible because it is.

If you can relate to this….I’m going to provide three steps and some tips that you can use to prevent impulse eating.  By preventing and impulse eating you’ll be able to save yourself probably and easy 350 to 500 calories a day.


Step One: The first thing you need to do is sit down and make a list of healthy foods that you enjoy. This doesn’t have to be a complete meal but you want to keep it balanced, try to focus on protein and produce.

This is a list of ideas to get you started.

  • Nuts – nuts are high in fat and calories so you want to really watch the amount you consume, but they are an easy quick snack (think half a handful) to have on hand to save you from impulsing eating a burger and fries.
  • Raw veggies – these are super low in calories and super high in nutrients a true win-win if your goal is weight loss.
  • Boiled eggs – These are one of my favorites! You can make a lot all at once and have then ready and waiting when you feel like you are about to cave.
  • Sardines – Yep, sardines are great…if you can’t stomach them…don’t eat them :-). I know one person you lives off these lol.
  • Jerky – I love jerky, it isn’t cheap, but it is a great lean source of protein when you are in a bind.
  • Water – YES, so many times when we think we are hungry and dying it really just means you are thirty. So drink up.

Step Two: This is going to blow your mind ;-). Go buy the food you added to your list . That way you will have it on hand when the impulse monster attacks.

Step Three: Create your Emergency Food Kit (EFK). Ideally your EFK needs to be able to travel with you. You need a way to make this as easy and simple as possible. In a perfect world this should take you no longer then 1-2 minute to grad as you head out the door.

That being said, life happens…I get it. Here are some tips to help you create your EFK.

  • Get a small cooler and keep it near your fridge so you can dump your food into it and go when needed.
  • Get packaged utensils and always have them next to your cooler bag so you can grab and go.
  • Plastic baggies and storage containers are also a great idea to have on hand so you can place your food into them and run.
  • Water Bottle…you should already have one and you should be drinking out of it often.

Step Four: Do it, implement the above ;-).  You should know what foods you like, you should have a grocery list, you even know how to create your EFK. Implement this tactic to help battle the bulge ;-).

Now, go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – Let’s master the impulse eating bug 😉

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