On February 8th, my wife and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.

I guess we don’t really celebrate it on the 8t, we remember that we got married 10 years ago and we celebrated this past weekend on Saturday  :-).  It’s both amazing and shocking to me that it’s been 10 years. It feels like just yesterday we were in South Korea falling in Love.

I’d carry her groceries from the E-Mart, yes the E-Mart  and she would then cook me a meal…and make me do the dishes…but I digress. That’s how she got me in truth :-)!


And I am beyond thrilled she did!

The weird part was is that when she cooked, she cooked stuff that I absolutely loved. And I kept thinking in my head, “Wow, this is just like my mom would make it, this is so similar to what I used to eat at home.” Weird right…?

Little did I know, Beth had Facebook friended my mom and gotten all the recipes that I loved from her. I was basically a Sitting Duck and putty in her hands : ).

All Beth had to do, was cook the food and she knew I’d be coming :-). And of course her beauty and southern charm won me over in the end. But I won’t lie, her cookie was definitely the catalyst that brought us together :-).

The moral of the story is, if you want something you need to take action.  

The truth is our activity or lack of activity has incredible consequences. Think back to a milestone period  in your own life. Most often these are times you either regret, or times when you chose to take action and something incredible happened. Oftentimes, these milestone moments included starting a family, getting that big job,  or in my case asking the girl of my dreams to marry me :-).

All those milestone events, at least for me, required action…by ME.

I had to start to move the stone so to speak,  because it wasn’t going to move itself. Yes, there are things I do regret and most often those times are when I failed to act. Imagine, if I had failed to ask Beth to marry me :-(. I wouldn’t have Kenna and Axle with me today.

In short, my action and inaction defined every moment in my life, as it does ours.


Today I’m asking you to seize the day and take action. This first step can be smal,l but I want you to identify one thing that will make a big impact and cause you to start moving that stone to get you closer to your goal.


Go be awesome!


PS – What milestone event in your life are you proud about and took action? I would love to hear about it : ).


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On February 8th, my wife and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. I guess we don’t really celebrate it on the 8t, we remember that we […]
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