For the ENTIRE WEEK…Eat at Home…: )

I know, this is the most unpopular challenge ever. Here’s the thing, it will save you money, provide your body with better nutrients, which will result in you having more energy and will likely even help you lose some extra pounds.

Disclaimer! If you do choose to eat out, you MUST eat out at Giada’s are Gianno’s otherwise I’m going to get a hateful/sarcastic email from someone I know :-).

Now that that’s behind us, let’s get to the challenge.

The challenges is…you are going to eat at home and bring your lunches to work. I know, you all just moaned and maybe even dry heaved a little bit. The thought of having to prepare your meals and think ahead is likely crippling if not downright paralyzing. And as you might have guessed, the key to this challenge is planning and preparation.

If you can develop the habit of planning and preparing your meals it will greatly facilitate your weight loss goals.

That being said, here some other things to motivate you to accept the challenge.

  1. When you stay at home and eat at the dinner table together you are spending more time with your family. This in and of itself, will create more memories and help build stronger relationships.
  2. It will cost less. For the amount of money it cost for one meal at a typical restaurant you can easily spend the same amount and prepare two, if not three meals.
  3. The final thing is, you’ll know exactly what you’re eating and what’s inside it. When you go out to eat, most of the meals are carb heavy, plus they’re often soaked in unhealthy oils and fats. But when you eat at home you can eliminate these threats.

Here’s the other thing, making great delicious homemade meals doesn’t have to take you forever. All you really have to do is Google search healthy, easy, delicious home meals/recipes and you’re probably going to have zillions of options.

Do you accept the challenge? Let me know!


Go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – Really, you should try this!

PS – But if you can’t, go to Giadas or Giannos and tell the owner I sent you : ). It might save me an arm or a leg : ).

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For the ENTIRE WEEK…Eat at Home…: ) I know, this is the most unpopular challenge ever. Here’s the thing, it will save you money, provide your […]
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