This is part 2 of 5 that deals with goal setting.  My hope for you is that you follow along and perform these “bite-sized” tasks…it could even be your specific intention of the day : ). By following my goal setting guide you will set yourself up for a great productive solution focused year : )

Why Should I Discover My Why?

I was blessed with the opportunity to be with family all day when I created this goal setting guide. This is a true gift and one I often overlook. As such it was until late that I was able to work and reflect on some of my goals. As I thought and wrote down my ideas and goals I noticed a common theme….Motivation.

Why (Motive/Motivation) you or I do something is what is going to play a huge role in our success. Rarely, is it an issue of ability or education, instead it is a lack of motivation. The biggest reason you and I fail is because when obstacles confront us, when the going gets tough, and the road becomes uncomfortable we lose focus (especially if we fail to list a specific intention for the day ; ). We lose focus because we forget our why and thus lose our motivation.

The first thing I need you to do is find your why! There are six questions you need to answer. Spend at least 20 minutes thinking through these, these questions will be the foundation for the next 3 Steps to come.

Step 1: How To Find Your Why

  1. Identity WHAT you want to do.
    1. Example: I want to lose 10 pounds.
    2. Example: I want bigger arms.
    3. Example: I want a slimmer waist.
  2. Then identity WHY you want to do it. MORE IMPORTANT!
    1. Why do you want to X (lose 10 pounds, bigger arms, etc…)?
      1. Example: I want to lose 10 pounds because I want to look better at my next board meeting. I feel fat and bloated. Feeling this way makes me feel insecure and drained. I hate that feeling!
      2. Example: I want bigger arms because I feel like a little wimp. It seems like everyone has bigger arms than me. If I could only increase the size of my arms I would feel much more confident.
      3. Example: I want a slimmer waist because I want to go to the pool without feeling like a whale. I feel soooo self conscious when I am in bathing suit : (. I just want to feel normal and look good while I enjoy time with my family at the pool. I hate telling the kids we can’t go because, “Mommy is tired.”
  3. What are three reasons this goal is important?
    1. Example: It will make me feel better about myself.
    2. Example: I will be more confident.
    3. Example: I will be able to go swimming without feeling self conscious.
  4. What are the obstacles you will face?
    1. Example: Busy schedule
    2. Example: My family’s eating habits
    3. Example: Eating out
    4. Example: I don’t have a program to follow
    5. Example: I need a plan
    6. Example: I need accountability
  5. How, think actions you can take, to overcome these obstacles?
    1. Example: Use block scheduling to make your day productive and reactive.
    2. Example: Meal Plan on Saturday WITH your family to get their buy in.
    3. Example: Research the menu before hand and order before you get there.
    4. Example: Contact me and I can create a Online or In-person Training Program for you and provide you with a Fat-loss Guide, Cookbook, and meal plan templates. You can do this and I can help guide you : )
  6. What character traits will you need to develop to do the above?
    1. Example: Discipline
    2. Example: Consistency
    3. Example: Will Power

Short and sweet today, but powerful if…YOU DO IT! Remember this activity builds upon itself tomorrow. So take 20+ minutes and really spell this out. The more time you put into it, the better your results will be : )


Go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – Part 3 is coming tomorrow…12 Week Result Goal and The Power of Deadlines : – )

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