Wonder Woman!

The other night my wife and I went on a date, yes a date : ). My mom took our two kids for the…wait for it…WEEK! To say that we were happy would be a huge understatement. Anyway, we decided that we would go on date every night the kids were out of the house. It has been epic!

Anyway, on Monday we went and watched Wonder Woman, it is one of the best comic book movies I have seen. It had everything, romance, action, butt kicking, rumor, in short the complete package. Both my wife and I loved it. One of the reasons why I think we loved it so much was because the Hero, Wonder Woman, is so confident and meek.

It is so rare, or so it seems to see a confident and meek woman on the big screen. To be honest one of the main thoughts that kept going through my head has, “I hope Kenna (my daughter, she is two” grows up to be this confident and meek.” I hope and pray as Kenna grows she can kick butt if she needs to, but at the same time has nothing to prove to anyone. I hope she feels comfortable in her own skin.

Everyone knows about confidence, or at least talks about it a lot. The same cannot be said about meekness, most seem to correlate meekness with weakness and this is simply not the case. Wonder Woman could have easily acted like a hero and demanded respect and submission. But she didn’t, she was approachable, funny, kind, caring, and supportive. She was 100% comfortable in who she was, what she believed, and where she was from. I think very few of us can honestly say this.

In short, go watch the movie and practice being meek.

Go be awesome!

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