SYSTEM 2 – What The Leanest People in the WORLD DO!

12 Week Fitness Model Fat Loss System: What the leanest people in the world do.

Personal Update: I am following this Fat Loss System: The 12 Week Fitness Model Fat Loss System- What The Leanest People In The World Do! I am a week ahead of you all and currently I have lost 6.9% body fat, went from a weight of 232 to 215, I have lost a total of 18.70 lbs of fat and have actually gained 3.30 lbs of lean tissue.

You are currently in Phase 3, Week 1

The is when the rubber hits the road. Now is a good time to remind yourself of your destination.

Phase 3 (Week 9 – 12): Carb Cycling see schedule below

Carbs 20% – 40%

Protein, 50% – 40%

Fat 30% – 20%

Carb Cycling Schedule for Phase 3


Day Protein % Carb% Fat%
Day 1 50 20 30
Day 2 50 20 30
Day 3 50 20 30
Day 4 40 40 20
Day 5 50 20 30
Day 6 50 20 30
Day 7 50 20 30
Day 8 40 40 20
Day 9 50 20 30
Day 10 50 20 30
Day 11 50 20 30
Day 12 40 40 20
Day 13 50 20 30
Day 14 50 20 30
Day 15 50 20 30
Day 16 40 40 20
Day 17 50 20 30
Day 18 50 20 30


Repeat this cycle until you reach your goal weight. Once you reach your goal weight, reverse the process and go back to Phase 2 for 4 weeks, then transition to Phase 3 for 4 weeks. You should be lean and strong :-). This is simple, not easy.


Action Steps

STEP 1: Planning Your Destination: Answer these questions and be real.

What is your long term body goal. What does your ultimate ideal body look like? Can you think of an athlete, actor, etc, that has the type of body you want?

What is your three-month goal. What is your body weight and body composition goal for 3 months from now? (This is your “focus-priority” goal and the one you’ll also put on a goal card and carry with you at all times, reading it as often as possible).

What is your one-month goal. What is your monthly body weight and body composition goal? What are your cardio and resistance training goals for the four-week period? How many times are you going to train?

What is your weekly goals. What is your weekly body weight and body composition goal? What will be your official weigh-in and body-fat-testing day every week? How will you measure?

What is your daily goals. What are the most important behaviors you must develop into habits and repeat every day to reach all your fitness and body composition goals?


Step 2: Setting Up MyFitnessPal and Figuring Out How Much To Eat.

Click near the top left hand side of your phone or device. You should get a screen that lists, “Explore Premium, Shop Fitness Gear, etc…” Go down and click,Goals.

  1. Once in Goals, click, “Calorie and Macronutrient Goals”
  2. Then…reset the Carb, Protein, and Fat Percentages to correlate with Phase 3. Which will be, Carbs 20%, Protein 50%, Fat 30%.
  3. Now log your food and make sure you are under your calorie goal and hitting those percentages. You will follow those guidelines for 4 Weeks.


Step 3: Understand The Meal Plan Guidelines for Phase 3

Step 1: Choose a lean protein for every meal.

Step 2: Choose a fibrous carb for every meal.

Step 3: Add a small portion of starchy carbs or remove completely.

Step 4: Add healthy fats as  as needed to reach your daily goal.


Meal Plan Template Phases 3
Meal Lean Protein Starchy Carb Fibrous Carb (or Fruit)
Meal 1/Time:_____ Scrambled eggs (2 whole, 3 eggs whites) Whole Wheat Toast – 1 slice Spinach, Mushrooms, Orange
Meal 2/Time:_____ Whey vanilla protein – 1.5 scoops Oatmeal ¾ cups Banana – 1
Meal 3/Time:_____ Chicken breast – 8 oz Baked potato – 4 oz (about half as much as in Phases 1-2) Green salad with cucumber and tomato – 3 cups

Olive oil and balsamic dressing – 2 tbsp.

Meal 4/Time:_____ Salmon – 5 oz None Asparagus – 6 oz.
Meal 5/Time:_____ Lean beef – 6 oz None Broccoli – 1.5 cups


A General Template For Phase 3
Meal Lean Protein Starchy Carb Fibrous Carb (or Fruit)
Meal 1/Time:_____ Full serving Full serving Full serving
Meal 2/Time:_____ Full serving Full serving Full serving
Meal 3/Time:_____ Full serving Small serving or none Full serving
Meal 4/Time:_____ Full serving None Full serving
Meal 5/Time:_____ Full serving None Full serving


Step 4: Use The Charts Below to Create Your Daily Meals.

Approved Carb List

Starchy Complex Carbs (Stary veggies and whole grains) Fibrous Complex Carbs (non starchy veggies and leafy greens) Natural Simple Carbs (fruit)
Potatoes Broccoli Apples, applesauce
Yams Spinach Bananas
Sweet potatoes Asparagus Blueberries
Oatmeal Cucumber Raspberries
Beans Tomatoes Strawberries
Brown rice Cauliflower Blackberries
Lentils Brussels sprouts Nectarines
Chickpeas (garbanzos) Celery Plums
Black-eyed peas Onions, scallions, leeks Peaches
Green peas Bell peppers (green or red) Pears
Corn Cabbage, bok choy Grapefruit
Pumpkin Kale Oranges
Barely Mushrooms Watermelon
Winter squash Eggplant Pineapple
Quinoa Zucchini Cherries
Millet String beans, green beans Kiwifruit
100% whole grain bread, cereal, and pasta Lettuce and leafy salad greens Melon/cantaloupe
All other whole grains and starchy vegetables All other non starchy veggies and greens All other fruits (dried fruits in limited quantities)


Approved Lean Proteins, Fats, and Dairy

Lean Proteins Healthy Fats Dairy (Nonfat or Low-Fat)
Chicken Breast Fish oil (supplement) Milk
Turkey Breast Flax oil (supplement) Cheese
Lean Beef Olive oil, extra virgin Cottage Cheese
Fish Nuts Yogurt
Shellfish Nut butters Greek yogurt
Eggs and egg whites Seeds
Lean pork Avocado
Bison, venison, and other gam meats Coconut
Protein powder (supplement)


That is a ton of information I know. If you have any questions, let me know ;-).

Go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – Half way through this phase ;-).

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