Are you a Jerk?!

When you talk to yourself are you a judgmental jerk? When you stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself what do say? How about when you try on clothes, are you supercritical?

In short, how do YOU speak to yourself?

Are you a judgmental bully or a caring loving BFF?

I am willing to bet that most of you reading this are far meaner and critical to yourself then you would ever dare to be to anyone else…even your enemies.

With that said, let’s work on the issue and try to be a touch kinder to ourselves : ).

Most people place super high expectations upon themselves and then mock, bully, and condemn themselves when they fail to live up to their own ridiculously high expectations. This is not cool : (.

This isn’t even the worst part! When you repeatedly “bully” yourself and treat yourself like dop poopy you create a self-fulfilling prophecy. No wants this or deserves it…so lets try and combat it this week!

You can thank my 98 credit hour Master’s Degree in counseling and theology  for some of this info.

I want you to try the following:

First, make positive affirmations.

When you catch yourself being a jerk to yourself, I want you to reverse the language . So, in the place of, “I am so lazy! Why can’t I just plan ahead? Why do I always waste time and then rush to make it all happen?” I want you to think, “I am smart and flexible, just look at how many things I am getting done quickly when I put my mind to it.”

Second, comparing yourself to others! PERIOD!

This tip is uber important, so please listen and stop comparing yourself to other people. First off, you don’t even know what’s happening to that other person behind the scenes. For all you know they’re absolutely miserable and wishing they were you. The other thing is, who cares! It’s irrelevant, because what matters is you, and your life, not theirs. After all, there’s only one you and if you spend 90% of your trying trying to be someone else you’re going to be miserable and lonely.

So, you’re challenge this week is to change how you talk to yourself. Quit being a jerk, quit blaming yourself and quit being hypercritical. Instead, choose to love who you are and who you have been created to be.

In short, just pretend like you’re your own best friend how would you treat your best friend? Chances are it’s not how you think about yourself.

Now go be awesome.

KELLEN LAKE – Just be nice, just like you tell your kids.

PS – You were wonderfully and fearfully made : )

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