Well there’s just so many things to talk about, this was a great weekend. But, I think the most impactful thing was attending the Mercy Hill Church small group leader retreat. Beth and I learned a ton and had a great time.

While at the retreat we heard the following story about a 60 mile race….

Yes, you heard me right, a 60-mile run! One of the pastors, named Bobby Harrington, is one of those ultramarathon guys that I think are basically psychos. These individuals will spend their weekend running a 50 to 100 mile race. Sounds fun right?

To make it even better they don’t run on a roads or really even paths, they run up and down mountains on “trails.” Sound insane? That is because it is.

Here’s the thing, when he signed up for this, he was given an option of having a pacer. A pacer is someone who runs alongside you for the last 20 miles, in this case the last 20 of a 60 mile jaunt.

Bobby had never used a pacer before and he stated he really didn’t want to use one. Why? He liked running alone and thinking. Running for him is his refreshment time so to speak and he likes the alone time. But he had never run a 60 mile race before in the middle of the woods. In short, Bobby had a dilemma.

Bobby chose to use the Pacer and it literally saved him a ton of time on the race.

The pacers job is to keep you on task and keep you accountable. At first Bobby didn’t think he needed one, he preferred to be alone. Here’s the thing, he decided to use one and he said, “It’s one of the best decision I ever made.”

Why, you ask? The pacer will just be running along side you.Why would you need that service?

This is why. The pacer notices things you are unaware of, “Hey, Bobby, the sign says we need to go this way.” Sounds simple, but I guess after 40 miles you get kind of fatigued. The pacer notices when you start to slow down and get sickly, “Hey Bobby, you need to stop and eat some Gel packets.” The pacer encourage and supports.

Not to mention, this pacer carried an extra head lamp…yes, it takes so long they need headlamps to run in the dark in the woods…crazy.  Regardless, Bobby’s headlamp broke and he would have been in world of hurt if the pacer hadn’t had a spare. Shoot, Bobby still might be there :-).

The above are all reasons you need a Pacer i.e. a Trainer.

I train so many people who have tried to “run the race” without a pacer. Why, because they thought they could do it themselves or didn’t know where to go. They just randomly looked up a program off of YouTube or Google and thought they could it themselves. The problem is they don’t know their own weakness, much less many of the movements, this just causes frustration and wastes time.

As Pastor Bobby and the people that I train can testify to, YOU need a Pacer! And the Pacer in the fitness industry is a trainer like me 🙂. You need someone to keep you accountable, to make sure you’re doing the movement safely and correctly, to make sure that you’re using appropriate weight, most of the time you’re probably not using enough if you’re a dudete 🙂 and if you’re a dude you’re always, always, using too much :-).

How much more consistent, how much better results, how much happier would you be if you had a customized program and a trainer to help you stick with it? The results are in you need me.


Now go be awesome.

KELLEN LAKE – Let me be your Pacer 🙂

PS – Test drive the Pacer experience.

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