A Good Night’s Sleep Challenge

In general having a plan and being prepared leads to better results. Most people have a morning plan, they wake up, go to the bathroom, brush their teeth, and get ready for their day. The question now becomes, do you have a plan for winding down? If not, a nighttime plan or “ritual” can help! It will help you relax and get a better sleep.

Which will result in you having more energy, feeling better rested, and more eager to attack the day.

Here are a couple of ideas for you to consider:

  1. Drink Some Tea – No, not SWEET TEA and make sure it’s caffeine-free. I suggest Sleepy Time and Chamomile.
  2. Light Stretching – Can reduce stress, sore muscles, and can help you avoid feeling achy in the morning.
  3. Find your Ideal Temperature – Most of the research out there says 65 degrees is optimal, but play around and find your number.
  4. Read – It will help quiet your mind and get you ready to drift off.
  5. Calming Music – Below I listed some useful apps for this.
  6. Write Your To-Do List for Tomorrow – I am a HUGE believer in this. Write out your agenda for the upcoming day. That way you eliminate a lot of unnecessary decisions.
  7. Gratitude/Prayer – Take a few moments and say thank you.

The Challenge is: Create Your Night Time Process!

Let me know below and share your new process with us!

Bonus from my Busy Moms Plug & Play 12 Week Fat-loss Program

The Top 2 Rated Apps To Help You Fall Asleep and Lose Fat.

What it does: Helps you fall asleep easier and learn how to meditate
The Cost: iOS: Free (with in-app purchases), Android: Free (with in-app purchases)
Description: Calm is loaded with a variety of guided meditation sessions to help you better acquaint yourself with the practice, and eventually get to the point where you can successfully do it without your smartphone. Even better, it’s stocked with a catalog of soothing nature sounds and calming music intended to lull you to sleep on those nights when your brain won’t stop racing.

Relax Melodies
What it does: Helps combat insomnia
The Cost: iOS: Free, Android: Free, Windows: Free
Description: Relax Melodies is essentially an elaborate soundboard of soothing ambient audio designed to dial down your brain and help you fall asleep. You can cue up individual looping nature clips (rain, birds, winds, etc.) or melodies (humming, grandfather clock, monk chant, etc.), or even combine them and adjust volumes to create your own custom soundscapes.

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