Meet Patrick Harrington Highly Referred Massage Therapist

My full time clients have each gotten a free 30 minute massage by the highly referred Patrick Harrington. I won’t lie, I am pretty excited about being able to offer this experience to my clients. I “bless” them in so many ways, this is an extra one : ).

What really makes Patrick unique is that he is one of a few Streto Method certified massage therapists. He is also well versed and certified in the other areas, but the Streto Method really sets him apart and is the method I recommend you try.

What is the Streto Method?

The Streto Method was created to relax your body and your mind.  As I learned, this method treats your entire body. Patrick takes his clients through a total body stretch  that delivers much more than you could possibly achieve trying to stretch on your own.

If the streto method is performed regularly it’ll increase your flexibility and mobility, which will result in a better life.

One of the key tenets of this technique is that you start from the top down. Basically, the assumption is that  muscle function is controlled through your central nervous system. For this reason, practitioners like Patrick, will start at your neck and work their way down, relaxing your nerves and muscles.

Experientially, this make sense to me. Because when I train people for the first time they generally can’t move a lot of weight (which is normal). But after a month, these same people often can double the amount of weight they use, which is HUGE!

Is this because they have magically added 50% more muscle? No, it’s not, it’s because neurologically their nervous system can communicate much more efficiently with their muscles. This enables their muscle fibers to fire better and quicker, which allows my clients to feel and perform better as well.

The Streto Method in a similar way teaches your muscles and your nervous system to commute better and “fire” as one.

Who would benefit from this Streto Method?

Pretty much everyone. Anyone who subjects their body to stressful and/or awkward positions.

Think about how many times you’re stuck at a computer with improper posture trying to look at the screen and type. This position often leads to minor aches and pains. Shoot, there have been some people who claim that sitting is now the new smoking. Think about that. : (

What also makes this technique neat is that it is highly customizable. Patrick uses both the latest stretching research as well as the latest relaxation techniques.

In short, a 30 minute session can leave you feeling much more relaxed and energetic. Especially after an awesome training session with yours truly :-).

Moving on : )

All right, that ends our 3 part series on massages and how they can benefit you and help you become more relaxed.  If you’d like more information on massages and what they can do for you, reply to me and I’ll send Patrick Harrington’s contact info.

If you’re one of my clients, you already have that info and you are blessed with the opportunity to have Patrick work on you for free for 30 minutes.

For those of you who aren’t my full-time clients now is a perfect time to try out my December promo. You get 3 free training sessions at no cost to you and I’ll throw in a 30 minute massage with Patrick. There’s never been a better time to become a client at Just You Fitness Winston-Salem click here:


Now go be awesome!

KELLEN LAKE – I am going to try the Streto Method sounds extremely beneficial.

PS –   As a reminder, all next week Just You Fitness Winston-Salem is closed. So enjoy time with family and friends. I probably won’t send an email every day. Regardless, if you have any questions, issues, or you are just curious about something shoot me an email or call me and I’ll be glad to help you out.

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