Are You Ready For Cold And Flu Season? Are You Ready To Fight Off The Zombie Infection?

It’s official , fall is here with all its splendor. You know what else that means? It is cold and flu season. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wondered why some people hardly ever get sick and why others seem to get sick or get the flu or some sort of virus all the time.

So I did some digging and I discovered that the reason lies in the strength of your immune system. No surprise there right? But wait…And your immune system’s strength is directly tied to your digestive system. This unique correlation of immune system tied to digestive system was news to me.

What this means is when you’re exposed to viruses, bugs, zombies and what not, your immune system is what protects you from getting infected. Kind of like in The Walking Dead, your immune system makes it so that you don’t become a zombie. But if your immune system is weak you’re going to become a sick, you’re going to get infected. However, if your immune system is a rock-star, if it’s strong, kind of like Darryl, you won’t get compromised and you don’t end up getting sick. To have a strong immune system you need MICROBES!

Microbes, The Zombie Slayers In Your Gut.

One of the key components in your digestive system are microbes. Think of microbes as zombie slaying organisms that live inside you. The more good microbes you have the less sick you will get, there is a direct correlation to your overall health.

You see, these microbes are helpful and they help protect you from diseases and infections. These microbes are actually good bacteria and what they do is they recognize when Zombies (viruses) enter your body. When a virus enters your body the good microbes attack! If you have enough good microbes (Zombie Slayers) inside your gut, the chances of you getting sick or infected drastically decreases. However if the microbes in your stomach are low, if you don’t have enough zombie slayers inside your gut, they’ll get overwhelmed by the virus aka zombies and you’ll get sick.

In a perfect world you’re going to have a lot of good microbes or to continue the analogy good Zombie Slayers inside your gut. However they can be easily depleted. Case in point, if you consume antibiotics it will destroy all the microbes, good bacteria (Zombie Slayers) and bad bacteria (Zombies) inside of you. It is like “Nuking” your digestive system it gets rid of good and bad bacteria. However, if you “Nuke” your guts, that means that you’ll go from a whole bunch of Zombie Slayers to ZERO. In short, antibiotics are not selective in who and what they take out once it gets inside you.

You can also accidentally kill good microbes by drinking water with chlorine and eating food with residue pesticide. Wash your produce and don’t drink chlorine water.

If the good microbes in your body become overwhelmed or start to dwindle, your chances of getting sick go up. If the zombies take up residence and get inside of you, you become Ground Zero so to speak. What to do?

Probiotics, The Zombie Slayers Medic

If you think that you are losing good microbes it is actually not super hard to fix the problem. All you need to do is to take these things called probiotics. Probiotics are like medics that revive and save the zombie slayers. Probiotics are good microbes that we need for good digestive health and for a strong immunity.

How do you get probiotics? There’s a couple different ways. First, you can get them in a capsule form, which I would argue is kind of boring. Second, you can just eat them and add them into your diet. The easiest way to consume probiotics is via yogurt. All you need to do is check the label of the yogurt and make sure that it has active cultures. The active cultures are the good bacteria or the Medics that you need to eat to make sure you have a good and efficient digestive system and as a direct result immune system.

Take away: Start eating food with probiotics so that you can help yourself from becoming sick.

Now go feed your Zombie Slayers and be awesome!


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Are You Ready For Cold And Flu Season? Are You Ready To Fight Off The Zombie Infection?

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